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A flash fiction about Nancy's fears
Nancy’s Predicament
Flash fiction
“Hey Nancy darling it’s getting late, you played a lot, go to sleep” mom mutters from bed half asleep.
“Yes ma, I will, as soon as finish this game, it’s last, no more” replying, I took my dolly Teddy and walked to my room through the passage. Seeing a shadow moving out. “Gost”……..I screamed in fear, Teddy fell off my hand. Mom rushed in asking “what happened?”
Switching the lights on to check all over, asked “What happened darling, there’s nothing abnormal over here?”
“Saw a shadow moving out into darkness, Mom, I suspect a ghost.”
“Let’s check if anything missing or changed in y’r room” …
A black cat jumped from top of my Easel on to my table, rushed past us spilling paint all over!
“Oh that’s all child, you must have seen a cat running out like this. The darkness in the passage must have misled you to believe it a shadow. Don’t fear darling, it’s not ghost or intruder as you think. These cats are from the next house. I have seen them often.”
“No mom, it appeared much bigger a shadow moving out, couldn’t be a cat” I pleaded.
Brushing aside my doubt she stepped up to her room, saying “It’s getting late, I should go to bed soon, otherwise can’t handle the session in the morning” in her usual tone.
After cleaning the floor of paint, I checked , everything was as is, nothing missing. “No change. What else could it be?” “Is it the guy who accosted me that day?….. suspicions passed my mind. Unable to sleep, I sat in the rocking chair at living room, gazing the roof. I kept lights on fearing intruders.
I recalled, the evening at the building on 2nd floor, after the tution class. It was just becoming dark. I stepped down the shaky old stairs, narrow just enough for one person to pass through. The gun wielding guy approached staring at me, rubbed my body in his rough hard jeans , rushing up as we crossed each other. “You rogue, couldn’t you wait till I smoothly pass?” I shouted. Looking back, he smiled “No chance, it’s so narrow here, what did you lose?....Pack off or do you want one more?” moved up.
In a rude shock, frightening, I saw him watching me walk down the street from the balcony, ducked to hide as looked back at him. I better not look back, it exposes me of my fears on him…..I took the next road to vanish from his sight. The street lights are dim, not many are walking on the road, vehicles seen crossing me as I walked to my residence.
“Lo he’s here, at the corner of the street to my home, below the street lamp. Frightened and shivering I sneaked past him. It’s a surprise he just smiled and stared at me and waved. I fumed “dirty idiot of a guy…..you....” shouted at him as I entered in. The rude shock he inflicted on me is haunting me even now. I wonder why he followed me till my house, maybe it’s to find where I reside, certainly not to tease me, I’m sure!”
“Come baby, we’ll dine a quick one, freshen up soon, I’ll wait for you” mom eagerly looked.
After wash I walked to dining table. “So nice of you mom, you’re free so early” pulled a chair in front, had a quick dinner.
Thinking of that guy, I leaned on the rocking chair, gazing at TV screen blabbering something dumb. Seeing me slowly sliding into sleep Mom switched off the TV, stepped up to her bedroom. Hands and limbs dropped lose, my hot breath added a gentle hissing in the silence of night. The rotating fan looks hazy, and gradually fades out from sight.
Voices of vague conversation began whispering in my ears, unable to decipher. Rugged arms surrounded my body tight, rough palms covered my face full, the conversation appeared to be by some intruders.
“Hold her gently, poor babe, so smooth and soft she is. No, don’t tighten u’r grip , she seems harmless” …
A burst of laughter followed ……
I tried to wriggle out, but couldn’t overcome the tight arms around.
A wide cloth around my eyes made me blind folded. Hands and legs were tied with rope. I was dumped somewhere. A loud sound I guess it’s closing of the car boot. It was all silence and dark around me. A few minutes later an engine sound made me clear I am being abducted in a car boot.
A loud sound nearby shook me wakeup from deep sleep. I was tense drenched in sweat all over. Ran back to my room, the black cat sitting on my table staring at me made me blush with laughter!
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