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Rated: 13+ · Other · Comedy · #2226087
A teenager gets herself stuck while retrieving her folder from a small hole in her locker.
Eighteen year old Lola Watson was in the locker room getting dressed after P.E with her best friend Anna and was about to leave when she accidentally tripped over her own feet and watched in horror as her folder full of her work flew out of her bag and into a rather small square hole in her locker.

The teenager was 5'3,139 pounds,had long dark blond hair with a ponytail and hazel eyes.
Her large breasts and thin stomach were covered by a dark blue shirt with a black blazer jacket over the top of it.
Her curvaceous hips and bubble butt were covered by a short tight black skirt with black tights.

Lola ran over to the locker and stuck her hands inside the hole but still her folder was just out of her reach as she then realised that she would enter the hole herself to retrieve it despite her worries about possibly getting stuck due to it's rather small size and her figure,which had become more curvaceous in recent weeks but really needed her folder so put them to the back of her mind.

The young blond then stuck her head inside the hole and after a brief struggle,her entire top half was soon inside,leaving only her hips,backside and legs sticking out,giving Anna an absolutely stunning view of her lower half as she struggled not to laugh or stare.

Lola soon found the folder and said, "Anna,I know you're looking at my ass,how's the back there then," as she jokingly wiggled her backside.

Her best friend,who was an only slightly less curvy brunette replied, "It's absolutely stunning,how about you come out now before we're late for class."
"It's fine,it's lunch time anyway," said the teenager as she then tried to back out of the hole but was shocked to discover that she couldn't.

"Maybe sticking my entire top half in here wasn't my greatest idea ever," she said to herself before placing her hands against the locker and pushed and pushed with all her might but still it just wouldn't release it's grip on her.
A now slightly annoyed Anna said, "Lola,stop fooling around and come out of there,I'm hungry."

Lola replied, "I'm trying,it's not as easy as it sounds," as she then tried to push and wiggle herself free again,even putting her right foot against the another locker outside for more leverage but still she just refused to budge and was completely and utterly stuck.

"Oh,it's just no use,Anna,you're not going to believe this but I think I'm stuck,could you please pull me out," said the now exhausted and embarrassed young blond.

The young brunette placed her right hand over her face in disbelief at her best friend's predicament and said, "This could literally only happen to you but don't worry,I'll pull you out," as she then grabbed onto Lola's hips and pulled and pulled with all her might.

"Come on Anna,I'm not moving,put your back into it," said Lola.
"I am putting my back into it,maybe you should cut down on the biscuits and chocolate," said Anna as she then lost her grip and tumbled backwards onto the floor.

"It's no good,you just won't budge,I'll go and get Miss Mary,don't go anywhere," joked the young brunette as she then ran off.
"Hey,like I have a choice," said the teenager sarcastically as she then suddenly squeeze due to the dust in the hole before thinking about how ridiculous she must look and began laughing.

Lola then ate a chocolate bar to regain her strength before unsuccessfully trying to push and wiggle herself free again before suddenly hearing laughter coming from behind her before being horrified to hear the voice of the school bully Sally.

"Looks like somebody get themselves stuck,let me help you," said Sally as she then pulled down the young blond's skirt and tights,exposing her bubble butt which was barely covered by yellow panties with tiny ducks on them.

"Aw,those are adorable," said the bully as she smacked Lola's behind like bongo drums,gave her a massive wedgie then pulled up her tights and skirt before drawing a smiley face on her skirt before running off laughing.

Anna soon returned with the two's teacher Miss Mary,Mary's assisant Chloe and the two's close friends Keira as everyone began laughing when they saw Lola's backside sticking out of the hole in the locker.

Mary,who had once gotten herself stuck in a tree trunk had sympathy for her student and said, "Don't worry Lola,we'll soon you out," as she then grabbed onto the teenager's hips,Chloe pulled Mary's waist while Anna pulled the hem of Chloe's skirt and Keira pulled Anna's legs.

"All right ladies,heave," said the teacher as everyone pulled,tugged and heaved with all their strength on poor Lola,who said, "OW,this really hurts,I think I'm going to be pulled in half," as she was streched to her limit until finally,a POP sound was heard.

The young blond came flying out of the hole in the locker at last,sending everyone tumbling backwards into a heap on the floor.

"Oh my god,I'm finally free," said Lola as she hugged everyone and thanked them all for helping her out.

"It was absolutely no problem but I think you should change your skirt,Lola," a laughing Chloe.

The teenager then remembered the smiley face and quickly her black blazer jacket to cover it up before everyone began laughing at the ridiculousness of the entire situation as they went to have lunch together after all their efforts.
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