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A Thought on our Civilization.

They rode my back when my brain was blank;
My sweat and gold down dark pockets sank;
'A fool' they named my ignorant being,
And treated me like a mere, work thing.

In quarries owned by whom I got owned
The lore of lords on my two eyes dawned;
In slums of shame, chains and vulgar names,
I learned wisdoms and built my domains.

I long have known Earth is no jungle -
The huge ones here just 'kiss and fondle';
My strength has grown - I shall show some love!
I'll feed and fight - that's my 'right' resolve!

Like unschooled beasts, let us bite ourselves
And write good books to design our shelves!
We're civilised because we know maths;
We rule in sciƩnce and martial arts!

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