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Rated: E · Short Story · Contest Entry · #2226430
The Trio Contest Entry June 30 - July 14 2020
Street signs passed by in a blur. Almost there.

"You know you're going to have to decide on a college this week, right?"

Jenna sighed. She hadn't yet told her parents that she didn't plan on going to college, not right now anyway. "Yes, Dad," trying to smile as she said it.

Then there he was. His guitar hung low as he strummed and sang softly in that beautiful bass she loved. He stood on the street corner, scruffy, confident, smiling, happy in his chosen lifestyle. His bicycle leaned against the light post next to him, soon hers would be beside it.

His blue eyes caught hers as she passed and gave her a wink. Jenna blushed clear down to her toes.

She has been seeing Billy for about six months now, for the past two he has been asking her to join him when he moves on. To where, he has no idea.

"Your Mother and I will help you this weekend. We'll make a list of the pros and cons of each school and then we will decide which is the best one."

She had just graduated high school yesterday, returned the cap and gown today, and already the next step in her life is already being planned.

Jenna wasn't sure if she loved Billy. She loved being with him. But to run off with him? It was more than a little scary.

Once home she grabbed her bike and escaped as quickly as possible. Pedaling down the street she tried to think about her future, about what she wanted, but images of him kept intruding on her thoughts.

When she finally reached him and looked into his eyes, she realized it was not only love he was offering - it was freedom.

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