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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2226457
Erie and Emily assigned to spy humans in The Mission Hybrid by Aliens of Milear
}}}}Introductory note :
This fantasy is a part of a book titled “Aliens of Milear on the author’s anvil.
Dr Era –Narrator and a part of the story as an actor.
Dr.David - in charge of genetic research laboratory.
Erie and Emily –Principal Protagonists- Ants created by Dr David to deploy as spies to Earth, capable of wearing any physical or ethereal form at will. In their ethereal form they are invisible to any human beings or aliens other than the ones from planet Milear.
John: a Milearean a geek planted on earth to beget a hybrid with human girl Rani, his colleague .
Present assignment: To spy over Rani to ascertain her movements and ongoing mood swings in her personal life to assist Dr .Era in her Mission Hybrid.

The Spies From Aliens Of Milear.

“Hey Dr. David, what is the progress on the project Ants, I’m restless, I can’t get firsthand information on the couple”.
“Take it cool, Era dear, Oh sorry it’s Dr. Era! I am on it. I have to fine- tune .”
It’s an emergency. I need to monitor their movements and moods quite often. John’s giving information, but it’s limited to what he thinks right. Rani, being a human may have more than he could observe. After all John is a Milearian, couldn’t gauge the nice feelings humans experience. More over men aren’t sensitive to women’s psyche, sometimes err on it. That’s the reason I need to spy her all time. Dr David has to hurry up creation of Ants, to use as my spies.
“Beep…… Beep” ….It must be Dr. David calling on intercom. “Sorry Dr Era, I was busy comparing voices; don’t tell me I’m overshot on my delivery date for Ants, they’re ready, being trained to decipher our coding system . Our communication codes are too complex for poor ants to learn. But I assure they’re quite smart, being fine-tuned . That’s what I meant”
I was happy,I get them soon, I can check their abilities once and deploy on job,Mission Hybrid, to develop hybrids between humans and Aliens of Milear. It’s our priority task. Rani is a human girl, a software geek, and john, an Alien of Milear sent by us to love her and beget a hybrid offspring. John is capable of disappearing at will and still be there in his ethereal form, no humans can see. John works as a colleague to her as a software geek. The aura around him can influence humans, of opposite sex tremendously. We use this capacity of Mileareans to try creating Hybrids. Ants are converted Mileareans for use as spies among humans in helping our Mission Hybrid.
“Good Morning M’am, we’re sent by Dr. David to report to you” the ants bow in front of me.
“Erie and Emily, Am I right?”
“Yes M’am I’m Erie” …….. “I’m Emily” the ants introduced .
I wondered what these Piddly little girls can do!........ “Ok Let me assign you the job. Before that answer me some questions”
“Yes Ma’m, please ask” ants reply in chorus.
“Hi Eirie, tell me why you’re here, and about your identity in brief”
“Yes Ma’m, I’m here to assist you as a spy, take instructions from you to act or report targeted lives about their movements, conversations, and their mood swings” …….. “About me. I am from planet of Milear. Dr David has created us to put on this Ant form, while assisting you. I have done it , learnt how to change from one form to another, also disappear at will to take on my ethereal form. Now you have instructed us to monitor Rani and John couple, with the company of Emily”
“Both of you show me your human form, just for a demonstration” ……….I asked her. Soon they wear human form. “What a beautiful girl form Eirie, Nice keep it up. Use the trick as and when you need it. Now disappear and reappear to take and relinquish ethereal form just to confirm me.”
“It’s nice both of you have learnt it quite well”.
“Now Emily, Explain briefly how you report their actions, mood swings and movements”
“We record our observations daily, till evening and message you every night at 8, keep our camera, and laptop system free after sending you data.”
“Good, get along , take on your job, surreptitiously . Good luck”.
“Zoom……..” they fly past with loud hiss.

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“Hey, Emily wake up dear, it’s getting late, Rani is already ready to drive out, we miss her if we’re not alert! Get up, be ready, I w’ll prepare some honey for you” the tiny Erie shouts, peeping out of Rani’s note books on her work desk.
Emily was tired keeping vigil on Rani, who sat on her bed, talking to John sweet goodies of love.
“ How I wish you’re here soon” Rani was expressing her loneliness .
“Keep calm darling, w’ll be back soon. These guys are dodging to release me. It’s all done. I await their clearance to return!” John’s low voice was filled with lots of anxiety behind it.
Emily is recording the conversation on her miniscule recorder adding her commentary on their moods.
The conversation continued. Emily was smart to guess and infer John and Rani are long time lovers, temporarily kept apart by John’s work at customers’ site far away on a foreign land. The recording continued till late early morning. Tired Rani was seen slipping into sleep closing conversation. Emily checked the recording added her understanding of the background, retires to rest amidst papers on Rani’s work desk.
Erie’s shout wakes Emily up of deep slumber. Soon she rushes to wash, gets ready, meets Erie and shares the honey and bread she had kept ready. The tiny sisters hide in Rani’s papers waiting go with her to work place. Now it’s Erie’s turn to take rest while Emily keeps vigil on Rani’s activity and moods.
Alert Erie notes a gentle sound, understands Rani has reached her workplace, gently closes her car door. As she carries the bag with her, the tiny sisters are also carried along. Erie dons her ethereal form to quickly reconnoiter the surroundings of Rani’s workplace and simultaneously video records with her commentary. She is clever enough to understand that many colleagues of Rani are engaged in serious work on their work desks, and Rani too is engaged in similar activity.
Back on Rani’s work desk, Erie keeps a vigil on her activities and mood swings, peeping out from behind the papers on the desk. It was frequent phone calls, video conferences and deep silence Erie notes with attention. She makes out it’s a hectic job Rani does, full of tension, nerve racking brain work. She records relevant excerpts adding her comments and saves them on her miniscule recorder. I t was lunch time Rani walks to Canteen. Soon Erie follows in her ethereal form continuously keeping a watch on her. Finishing a quick lunch, Rani’s back on work.
Erie rushes to sleeping sister Emily, wakes her up to have a quick treat at the canteen kitchen. They return soon to resume their duty, Emily falls back again asleep amidst papers in Rani’s bag.
The day comes to a close as everyone starts closing and moving out. Rani follows them, drives home. The tiny sisters hiding in her papers in the bag, follow her home. Tired of day full of hectic work Rani, leaning on her rocking chair, dozes off.

It’s time the tiny sisters transmit the whole day’s report to me. As time approached 8pm reports and video excerpts began streaming , I got the complete day’s routine of Rani and her mood swings. My tiny sisters have proved their mettle!

I realized it’s No Wonder “Ants Are Loyal Soldiers Too”

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