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by K.HBey
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Tom is a gemstones dealer and Palo does not want to sell his oysters today.
The pearls

He needs an immediate answer but the seller doesn’t want to respond and seems strange.
In this locality, people assure their living from peach’s earnings.
The fishers’ nets are always full of swordfishes, shrimps, whiting, sepia, and sardines.

Tom is a wealthy man. He is trading with gemstones. He knows how to bargain with these poor fishers and gets what he wants. What he earns from these gemstones is twenty times more than the basic purchasing price.
He monopolizes the full gems stones market of this locality.

Paolo is an ancient fisherman and he is specialized in fishing oysters. Tom does not understand why Paolo refuses to sell oysters to him today.
Suddenly, a black pearl catches Tom’s eyes when Paolo has opened one of his oysters.

“Paolo, please listen to me! I will give you 500.000.00US dollars for all your today’s oysters peach,” Tom says.
“No, they are not for sale. You do not understand, Tom?” He replies.

Tom goes on foot. He crosses a long path on the shore. Seeing the sunrise from afar inspires him. Tom is someone who does not let it go.
He asks his bodyguards to oversight Paolo. By surprise, Tom sees Paolo at the shore dealing with a man.

Tom is astonished to see George in the company of Paolo.
George is the first dealer of gemstones with whom Tom used to deal and to sell his gemstones.
Paolo is aware that he has been a slave to Tom for many years. He decides to follow the same business road as Tom and to sell by himself his pearls and get the full profit.

KHBEY/272 words/The pearls/07/09/2020

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