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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Crime/Gangster · #2226788
A very short romance. Flash Fiction. 300 Words

Jenna is my soulmate. We've only been going out for about three months, but we are already discussing some permanency to our arrangement. Of course, I am a very traditional man, so I have been the perfect gentleman with her, and I've taken things slowly. I mean we've kissed, but that's it. I'm saving myself for marriage. Jenna is more than understanding. She takes an interest in everything I do, and she offers great suggestions.

We are both into finance, and for the past two months, we have been planning a large withdrawal from the First National Bank downtown. She claims she is new to this, but she is a genius. She's already given me suggestions on how to launder the money, which offshore bank accounts I should open and where, and what days and times she thinks would be easiest to do the job.

Her cousin Lenny is going to help us by driving the getaway car. Jenna's going to help with the hold-up and the cash.


The day is here. We drive to the bank. We do the job. We run out the door. Jenna trips me. She gets in the car. They speed off.



What a chump. I feel kinda bad because Frank's such a sweet guy, but this is what I do. Lenny and I are back at our place counting money when Frank lets himself in.

"Hey, I think you forgot to pick me up."

Lenny reaches for his gun.

But Frank warns, "Uh uh uh . . . . see all of those laser points on you? I'd take my hand off the gun if I were you. See, the cops you had planned to catch me happen to be friends of mine, so they gave me a ride. Oh, by the way: You're under arrest."
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