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A fundraising for a 'cause
Buy for a 'cause

A fundraising for a 'cause

My Testimony: In those times that I am creating my ebooks, my aim is only is to become one of the said Published Author,
a 'kids dream that I need to forget before, though I really didn't forget it....

But the Lord really knows the best for us, He let me to recall it, and introduced my real voice, to grow in it, and still growing, maybe because it's really a part of me on how I was created or it's really my path.
And its an honor to write about Him, and inspire others.

Though, it comes to my mind-, I didn't desire to gain a profit on my first published works, cause there is always a verse in the Bible that always reminding me " That He gives it free, so I will give it to be free also.
But Amazon will not publish it, if I don't set a price, so I always try to chose the lowest price of my ebooks in every promotion/sale so that it can be affordable, and decided whatever it may gain or profit it will be donated for charity, and besides it's my first published works, and I see them as my first fruits so its really belong to Him.

Ebooks for you to check out,

each e kindle book has a ’cause.

Buy for a cause- each ebook sales has its own mission to support.

Product Type: Kindle
Amazon's Price: $ 9.99

The accumulated cost of its sale will goes to:

50% of its sale will be used to support in Building a Church Bldg. in the Philippines.

(Pictures will soon be posted here)

50% of its sale will be used to support in Building a Church Bldg. in the Philippines.

(Pictures will soon be posted here)

I am attending two small churches, my Mother church in where I first met our Lord Jesus Christ,
it's far away in where we moved and live now with my family.
The other church is where I always attended every Sunday, it is near where I live.
And they wish to build a building to protect believers from the heat of the sun and rain.
I know God always desires to give a comfortable place for His believers
You can be a part of it, through purchasing my first ebook.
even supporting only their basic needs in just a few coins.

Amazon's Price: $ 2.08

This ebook is a product of being in Quarantined before, when our town declared an Enhanced Community Quarantine and we need to stay at home.

While in my way of preparing and formatting the manuscript of this ebook, a brother in Christ- co-member in an online Bible Study Group, knocks for help and states their situation now in their country- due to the Covid pandemic that caused him to be laid off from his work in a hotel, and its hard for him to support the orphan needs in his ministry, his work now is a street sweeper.
And my heart melts when I see their photos on his facebook...
So I decided that 50% of all the sales of this ebook will be supported for them.

50% of the sale of this ebook: The Seal of God, will be used to support a Ministry who are helping to home an orphanage in Pakistan affected by the Covid pandemic, to support for the orphan needs specially their foods- Praising Heart Ministries in Arifwala Pakistan headed by a brother in Christ: Evangelist Azeem John. (Pictures posted with permission)

Please help the Orphans Help the orphansplease help the orphans

By purchasing any of the said ebooks, you can extend your help in supporting and spreading love., Thank you in advance and God will bless you more! *Heart*

You can also find it here:

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