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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2227211
We have to see Count Vic to tell hin what has happened to noble Artism who was killed.
We leave the Falcon’s Talon. We have to get to Vic’s house.

"I tell you, we have to go?" I said as the merciless wind tears through the jacket that I forgot to close from the elements as they abused my body, I shivered from it. How I wished I hadn't talked to Cala, but i did have three gold coins, lIfe is good. Maybe I was fortunate in telling my father to forget it. I don't need his money or his words to encourage me. He took away Stevie's mother's home, because she could not pay the taxes on it. The bastard.

"But Jack. Its still pouring out there," Stevie said as she looked at the rain as it fell upon the sidewalk, splashing in the puddles that littered the street. The wind blew the rain towards us. Her skin was still pink from the earlier deluge, where the rain and wind hit her.
Driving the air from her lungs.

I grit my teeth as I emerged from the inn, the cold made my blood feel cold. It blew into my face, as I walked forward nearly plowing through Benger as he stood there staring off into street. He trembled a bit from the cold of the wind as it pounded him. He trembled and cursed the wind as it blew.

Benger feels as if someone was watching us. He slowly checked the sidewalk and the street to see if he could see who was watching us. His nerves were on end, He felt that something or someone was following him. His eyes scan the street to see who is there. Did they pose a threat

He whipped his head about to see if anyone was there doing this. He could not shake the feeling that this was happening. The talisman he had put on his neck began to grow warm. The longer it lay against his skin he felt this warmth grow, His chest was also growing chilly aside from where it rested on the body. There was a fluid that was there also.

The longer he wore it, the fear of him being watched grew stronger as well. There had to be a reason that he was feeling this way.

Walking down the streets, the lightning exploded and showed a thin limbed being that was white-skinned. It vanished from view in less than a heartbeat.

I was growing fearful, I joined Benger as he checked what was following us, but saw nothing there that warranted this for us.

“His guards would not wish to see us at this hour,” Benger said as we arrive on the drenched street. He trembled as the chill of the wind gets inside his jacket. We slough forward in the biting wind, The rain hammered us, threatened to take our feet out from under us.

“I know, this but Cala’s afraid to see him tonight. However Cala gave me a letter to hand to Count Vic to see us,” I said.

“We’ll do this in the morning. Forget about it,” Stevie said as she looked at me in the eye trying to have me listen to her,.

“We have to do it tonight!” I said,

“No, We don’t,” Benger said he crossed his arms over his chest.

“Cala gave me, three gold t see him tonight,” I said as I put my hand on his shoulder. He brushed it aside.

“I don’t think that is a good idea. Jack!” he warned and ground his teeth..

“What is the problem? I ask not really knowing this.

“Try the hour! Count Vic will also probably want us dead for doing this Now!” Stevie warned as she made a bridge with her hands to look at me.

“Cala would want us dead. If we don’t do it now.” I said.

“What do you think, the count will want to do with us. Welcome us in with open arms. I doubt it,” Stevie declared as looked at me,

“I agree, he will no doubt want to stop us from doing this!” Benger said as he looked at the floor in disgust.

“When he would be more receptive to us in the morning! I don’t want to wake him. Do you?” Stevie said as she sits down to relax.

“That why Cala gave us the coins to see him. Now! and a letter,” I said as I show them both the gold coins.

“Fine, we will do this, Its your head on the platter if it blows up in your face’” Benger declares.

“Come on, I don’t want to be drowned, Let’s get out of here!” Stevie said and glared at me for doing this. What am I supposed to do? She picked up her pace. Drew her cloak about her body, her legs were exposed to the elements. She shivered as the cold set in on her.

The count’s house was not far away, but it was still nightfall. We see four of the guards at the door to his house, they look at us as we approach. When we stop at their door, they look at us, Their faces have a confused expression. The three guards glare at us. Their faces show disgust on them. They refused to allow us to go any further towards the door. They brought their polearms tp keep us stimmed from the door, They would not let us in.

This was when heaviest guard began to clear a path to the door, the others stepped back to allow us to step forward. He stepped towards us. His face had a scar over his chin, there was a crease in it, He said, "What is it, that you want?"

“We are to see the count,`I say as return their glare, I watch the guard who spoke. My mouth was dry, the cold set into my bones. I shivered.

“Sure, you are!” the largest guard said as he smiles at us. I recognuize him i have seen him talking with my father and count Vic. He laughs as he sees me there with these people.

“Cala gave me, three gold coins to see him!” I declare as I close my fist and glare at him.

“Right, as if!” the guard declared stepping towards us, his hands closes about his battle axe and lfts it to engage it on us. If we choose to move so much as a muscle.

“Sure he did, Show us the gold!” the large guard orders smirked. to glare at us.

“They probably stole it. To get Cala in trouble with Count Vic!” another guard said.

“We have been told to be here, by Cala. I tell you,” I declare my voice growing louder thanks to the rage I am feeling and thunder that roared. I watch him move towards us. The guard releases the axe with his right hand to show me his palm for me to put the coins in. I don'r do this. I have given the coins to Stevie to hold.

“Show us the gold coins!” the guard barks, as he looks at us.

“If we do this we will probably be arrested for the thief of it.” Benger said as he watched the guard, the guard smiled and laughed.

“So you say that Sir Caka gave you the coins!”the guard who was speaking said.

“Ẁe also have a letter I tell you!” Stevie snarled, snarled back, her blood was boiling. She clenched her fists as she looked at him.

“Now, you say you have a letter as if!” a shorter guard said, as he looked at the large guard, the guard stepped back as though an afraid of the short guard`s position here.

“We do?” Beneger offers as he watches them shift about as though afraid.

“We have to see the count!” I said my eyes look into the guard's own.

“Sure you do,” the guard laughed, his eyes were pinpricks, his eyes locked on his face. He did not recognize me. He did not know what to make us of being here this late to see the count,

“No one is to see the count at this time!” he snarled.

“Ẁe have to, see him understand!” Stevie suggests. As she put her hands on her hips, tossed her head back to clear the hair from her face.

“We are going to show you the three gild, You’ll claim that we stole. We are after all pheasant. All but me. My father would not give me a crumb much less three gold. How could we come up with three gold? We are not nobles. We must have stolen it. Right? Right! We have a letter from Cala to the count. Show them the letter!” I said as I cross my arms over my chest.

Benger lifts the flap on the bag he carried to rummage around in it to find the letter that Cala gave us. He smiled as he drew it out. Hands it to the guard. The guard stepped beneath the roof of the entranceway to look at the letter and be out of the rain after he finishes he looked up at the other guards.

“We do, Indeed we do this!” I said as BengerI drew up the letter to hand to the guard.

“What is this?” the guards looked at the letter.

“A letter from Cala to have us see the count!” Benger bellows as he glared at them.

“Why should I believe you. This might be a reason that Cala gave you this. How do we know for it to be true!” the guard declared.

“I think, that you should get someone to read the letter,” I warn as I glare at him.

They lower their weapons to protect the door and step into our path.

"Cala send us here, because we saw the body of a man slain by a white-skinned being!” I said.

The shortest guard stepped forward the largest guard to draw the envelope from his hands. He looked at the letter, turned to face me, he grimaced and nodded in agreement with my assessment of the matter.

“How dare you say this?” The large guard asked closing his fist.

“He has a letter from Cala, I tell you! He has to see the count!” the short guard smirks as he puts his hand on his friend’s chest to shove him back. The guard steps back.

“What about the others, why are they here!” he asked, still figuring he was in control of the situation until the letter had been handed to his. The short guard was now in control of the situation.

“How do we know, that this the truth What proof does he have to show us this fact to us,.” he asked, as he shoves his index finger into my chest. I step backward.

“There is a seal of Cala’s on the letter to verify this’” the short guard declared as he glared at the other guard.

“What do you mean a seal of Cala, When have you seen this seal!”

“Do you recall the noble dressed in a red coat, on his hip was a broadsword, he had an escort of four guards here to see Count Vic. That was Cala,” the guard asked.

“You wish to be before Count Vic. When I tell him what you have done here! Cala wants him to see them. This instance,”`The shirt guard declared.

“No, of course not!” the guard says as he winces.

“Get Teba! Now, wake him,” the shirt guard said, as he draws off one of his gloves to feel the chill of air upon his skin..

“Of course Ben!” the guard states. As he stepped inside the building racing down the hallway the door was still open. The short guard had begun to walk inside the building. he said, “Step inside!”

We followed his words as we entered the building.

After he does this, he stepped forward, and said, “ It seems, that they are telling us the truth.”

“So?” the largest guard asked.

“Wake Count Vic, This instance. They have to see him,” the short guard said as he hands us back the letter. He looked concerned.

“What are you doing? He would have our heads for this. I tell you!” the guard stopped to us asked.

“Yes, I am. Unless you would like to have a noose about your throat. Argue with me and it will happen!” the short guard warns, “Also get Count Vic; a scribe to read the letter. Get the bastard who sent them here, As soon as you can!”

The guard holding us at bay vanishes inside,

The short guard said, he looked at us and said, “would you tell no one of this indiscretion. Do you understand me!”

“Yes, I understand,“ I said as the large guard raps at the door. It opens to reveal a T junction, there is aa staircase going up, there are guards station at the door. They look fearsome.

The other two passages have chandeliers that illuminate the hallway. There are doors that are there, with guards positioned at them.

The large guard barreled down the hallway stopped at a door and talked with the guard at it. They look at him and seem a little put off by what he has said. The door opens, a short man with a wide stomach looked at the guards, wearing a nightshirt and pants his feet are bare, his hair all over the place. He squinted and looked at us as we are in the hallway. Rubbing his eyes, his eyes are pinpricks. He said,” What are you doing here? Are you aware of what the time is right now? I don’t think, the Count will want to see you at this time. Unless this is of some grave importance to him. I know of no one who would do this. I warn you. Go!”

“Cala sent them here at this hour,” the guard said, as he implored him to listen.

“Then why is he not here! He should be here. Shouldn’t he?” the man asked.

“Look at the letter they have with them, I suspect it will explain everything?” the guard said,

The man stamped his feet, thrust out his right hand to receive the letter. The guard handed it to him. The man opened the letter read it over. He shivered and agreed.

We walked down a hallway to speak with the count. I was afraid of the count; he ruled over the people with an iron fist. We were going to be in a great deal of trouble seeing him.

We arrived at the door, the short guard knocked on the door. It slipped open as silently as smoke rises from a lit pipe. There returned a faint voice that said, “Who is there? Why are you here?”

“Ben is here, with Teba. There is a matter that we must address the count at this instance. It involves Cala, And someone he was to meet!” the short guard said.

“Are you sure of this fact,” the voice from behind the door said.

“Yes, I am,”

“Wait a few minutes, allow us to get the count ready to see people arriving at his door at an hour like this,” the voice sounded frightened.

“Count there is someone who wishes an audience with you. Now!” he stated to the count.

“What’s the meaning of this?” the count snarls.

“Get him, some coffee and a meal!” the faint voice said as it grew in volume.

We heard feet leaving the room, then after awhile feet returning to the area, we smelled coffee, eggs, bacon, and toast filling the air. It was mouth-watering, how we wished we had received this. We heard something being lifted. There followed a scream. “Ouch, Damn you!”

“Count the coffee is strong and very hot. I warn you,”

“I need to drink something to wake up. Have them wait, They will just have to wait until I am awake, Won’t they? We did not come into their home and wake them. Did we?” the count grumbled. His voice had the heavy feel of sleep still residing there in the person we heard speak,

“I apologize, for coming in at this hour. We are hereby Cala’s bidding. We would not be here

“Of course!” the manservant there said as the door opened to show a portion of the bedchamber. There was a curtained area where they had heard the third voice come from.

The count began to dress behind the curtained area. They heard feet falling in a fashion that suggested they were running. We stood there waiting. There was a thick rug on the floor. The walls had red velvet, and trim of silver, there was maple wood on the upper section of it, There was a huge bed which had just been vacated. There was a tapestry of a large dragon looming over a mass of gold and precious stones, gems, silver it was looking at you as you looked at it.

There were four guards here, they look at us. The guards do not appear at ease with us being here. especially at this hour of the night. We felt that we shouldn’t be here, we agreed with their sediment.

One of the guards said,”Weapons. Hand them over. They would be returned to you after you are finished seeing Count Vic!”

Benger looked at me, as I withdraw my daggers and sword and hand them to the guard who asked for them. He follows suit, hands them his Warhammer, and heavy sword. Stevie hands them her crossbow and dual handed sword. She not happy, either is Benger. I am equally not happy with the situation here.

The fat gent wearing the nightshirt and pants has walked with us into this room. He trembled a little he was frightened, but why was he scared, He knocked on the curtain.

We hear the count,`” What is the meaning of this? Why can’t it wait until to tomorrow?”

“It is regarding Cala, and his actions in the community. The noble he sent for was to arrive, I suspect he did arrive But was stopped dead in his tracks getting here. The noble is Artism..” Teda said as he gulped to get enough air into his lungs to speak, He trembled with fear.

“So, it involves Cala. What has he done? To allow us to have this happened? He had better be here. Is he here?” the count snarls, we imagine his hand closing violently on themselves. Anger has filled him.

“No. He is not?” Teda says as he looks about trying to see if he has seen Cala in this group of people. None of them are him. He winces

“This matter concerns him, Doesn’t it?” the count bellows, he coughs.

“Yes, it does!” Teda replies.

“Find the coward and bring him here, This instance! Do you understand me! Find him?” the count growls a guard turns and barrels out the door. The guard did not appear happy,

I smile, I know that I would not want to be Cala, The count is angry, as he should be. He wants answers for this matter to be cleared up.

After waiting a while, the curtain is moved, so we can see the count. The count looks as though he still was asleep. His eyes look strained, his lids look heavy with sleep. His eyes shift about as he looks at us. He is coughing, it is a dry cough. He is holding a cup to drink from. He stares at us. He screams,” What is the meaning of this happening? Who the hell are you people, You’re not who I should be seeing are you?”

Where Teda stood, he looks at the letter again, He said,`”Cala has written this to tell you. They are here on his behalf. In regards to Artism was slain.”

“Do they have a letter of recognition for us to see?” Count Vic said.

“Yes, they do!” Teda agrees.

"Why is Cala not with them,
"He refused to come, He is somewhere relaxing as we do this for him!” Stevie exclaimed she has had enough of this happening, we don't have any need to be here. Cala sent us here.

“Did I ask you to speak? Did I?” he bellows, I see one of the guards reaching for his ranged weapon to draw it up. The spear is pointing at Stevie, who turns to face him, Stevie flings herself out of the range of it as it left his hand. The spear hits the wall.

“Who should speak?” I ask.

“The one holding the letter, I suspect might be a good one to start,” the count slowly lowers his voice as he looked at the guard who has brought the spear towards us.

“Well, I suppose I should. When we were walking through the woods we saw an ornate coach,`I said.

“What were you doing walking through the woods? You could be in a great deal of trouble doing that,” the count warned, his eyebrows are arched mouth turned into a scowl.

“His father owns the land beside the wood. That was why we were there!” Benger said as he smiled as he looked at me. He prayed that would lead us out of the trouble we were in thanks to the behavior of Cala sending us here.

“So, you are Calera’s son. Jack. Nice to met you.,`the count said he stumbled a bit on what he was wanting to tell me.He smiles slowly.

“Yes, I am. My father and I have taken a granted hatred towards each other. I do not agree with anything, that he is doing?” I state.

“MInd your tongue,” Stevie warned as the count glared at me and her as well.

“It could cause you a great deal of harm, If you do not do this’,” the scribe warned.

“What of this coach? Were there any occupants you found there?” the count asked as he began to relax his hand that was closed.

“Were there any guards with this coach. That you found there.” Count Vic said.

“It appeared the guards have been slain there,” Stevie said.

“There was a lizard dressed as a noble who was found on the outside of the coach on the ground,” Benger said as we waited for the count to begin to say something.

“Did this lizard say anything?” the count asked.

“No, He was fighting for his life,” Benger said.

“Who was he fighting? What happened to the escort that was with him?” Vic asked as he tried to make some sense of this matter.

“We did not see them, I suspect they had been killed by the white-skinned noble and his friends,” Benger said as he reflected upon the reptilian demise.

“A white-skinned human or elfen being dressed as a noble!” Stevie said.

“Did you try to stop it from killing or harming the lizard!”

“We did not arrive on time to do this,”

“Where was Cala?’` the count asked.

“Waiting in the Falcon’s Talon for him to arrive I suppose,” I said.

“What did Cala do, when you told him this?”

“Nothing, he told us to go and see you?” I said.

“Did he suspect I would not be happy to see him?” the count asked.

The count and we also waited for a while before continuing on in this statement, after some time, the count began to speak again after he had sipped his coffee and relaxed to further understand the details in this matter, “Why do you suspect that the being was supposed to have met Cala!”

“Yes, I do, because when I told Cala of it, He seemed worried. I also suspect that you have something to do with this. Don’t you?” I said.

He dances about, glaring at us. “Fine. So Cala said, I must listen to you. Did he? I am supposed to see him tomorrow. When I am supposed to see him, in regards to a noble who if I am correct is Artism. That he is talking about. He should have come here?” the count screams.

“I was about to when you started to speak,” I said.

Benger said, “I saw a carriage, Iton the side of the road and stopped there. We were behind it walking through the woods. It seemed a little wrong. The coach should have moved, but did not. I did not know, why. I approached the coach. Reached out to touch the baggage container of the coach, It was leather and cold to the touch, So, I crept upon it to see the right door open.”

“Go on, tell me more!” Count Vic said as he watched Benger speak. Benger paused for a second to try and recall all the details. The white-skinned noble had the lizard pinned to the ground. He was kneeling over the lizard noble, his knee rested on the shoulder of the lizard. The lizard could not move from where he rested on the ground.

“There was a body lying in the ground there. A figure knelt over the body speaking to it. Reached into the body’s chest. I believe it removed his heart and ate it,” I said as I recalled it happening, The monster seemed relieved to have done this to him.

Vic shivered as he said this. He brought his wrist to his mouth, and asked,” What happened next.”

Benger said, “I pursued him. He ran away from me. I could not catch him! I am afraid.”

Vic turned to face Benger, he jabbed him with his forefinger in the chest. He stepped back to not to lose his balance. He was still adamant that he was being lied too. again, “What did you find?”

Benger trembled a bit as he slipped his finger to loosen the collar of his shirt, he knew of what he was being accused of doing. His eyes narrowed to slits. His throat grew dry as sand. then he said, “Nothing!”

Vic said, “I suspect you are lying to me. You have found something! Haven’t you?`His voice made it apparent that he knew, he was being lied too. Vic felt secure in this knowledge of the facts. He did not have absolute proof. He looked at Benger who refused to look him in the eyes it was as though he was afraid of saying this to him.

“Have not!” Benger declared, he drove his foot down. glared at the count. Beads of sweat began to rise on his skin. Closed his hands the tightness of his grasp made him feel uneasy. He wants to hit the count, but knows that this foolishness could mean their deaths. Fear bids its time with him.

‘I think, you are lying! It's of course no matter!” the count declared as he points a finger at him.

“No! I did not find anything! I tell you,” Benger’s eyes danced away from where they rest before.


I arrive at the door first to leave the count's home, I tremble as I hear the wind still howling out there. I ease open the door. the guards look at me. They seem to be more at ease seeing us leaving the place.

"Jack, let's return to the Falcon's Talon Inn," Stevie suggests as she feels the wind tear into her legs and thanks to her wearing the skirt of leather.

"I agree, Jack. I am famished." Benger said as sees a white-skinned noble across the street from us. The lightning exposes him to Benger's eyes. It looks like him. The being smiled and began to advance towards him. His teeth seemed like fangs. His eyes were huge, there was no cornea or white. The skin about it,s mouth seemed like strands of flesh instead of flesh that made up his mouth. He can't look away. The lightning fails to flash there.

Benger does not wait to recheck to see if he saw this white-skinned noble. Benger breath was haggard was a trembling leaf would be in a gale-force wind. When he had begun to run away. He flees. Barreling into the street. Crying out in terror. His actions startled the horses that are in the street resting where they are tied, The way he is moving frightens even us. We draw back away from him. He bolts away from where he saw the white-skinned noble. His skin began to pale, The talisman began to grow warmer as it had gotten closer to them.

He brought his hand to his chest where the talisman was. He had felt something warm spill over his fingers. He looks at his fingers sees something dark on them, as it falls in droplets from his fingers. The droplets splash and burst on the stones at his feet.

We hear the voice of the noble we have seen besides the lizard man. “Ẁhy do you run, Do I frighten you. I shouldn’t. I am quite friendly. All I want to do is take with you! Are you afraid?"

We spun about to see the figure who spoke. Our eyes saw no one there. It was where we heard the voice come from. It was an empty space. The only thing that was there was a wall of the building, Nothing else. When we looked at where he was running from saw nothing there.

I laughed at him, I could not understand what had happened to him. Stevie did not look pleased, she felt that there had to have been a reason for this to have happened to him.

She drew back her fist to catch me with a heavy uppercut. Catching me on the shoulder to drive me to my knees, She had knocked me off my feet as I toppled into the ground.. I reached up to rub my shoulder to bring the blood back to it. Stevie smiled and laughed as it connected. as we entered the place.

I winced and said,"That is just what I need."As I watched her draw back her fist again. The fist is coming back towards me, I dodged it. I felt that Count Vic was going to give Cala a talking too. I did not want to be around when he did this.

I was going to try and stay out of trouble, the best way to do this was to stay out of the hair of the nobles. They were involved in many things that they should not be involved in.

I headed into the Falcon’s Talon..

Benger charges into the dining area. Spotted Dedraw as she was in the dining area. She saw him come towards her, Wet and cold thanks to the weather and the shower he was out in. He shivered as he looked at her. He refused to look over his shoulder. The cup of tea in her hands spills over its sides. She burned her fingers, She dropped the tea to arrive on the table to run all over the place,

He thought she hadn't brought the cup to her lips but was stirring her tea with a spoon. He refused to look over her shoulder till the tea washed across the table. The dining area had scents of eggs and potatoes and ham being cooked in the air. It was mouth-watering. There was a scent of coffee and tea in the air.

He topples in on Dedraw as he loses his balance falls into the floor. Benger his words come out in a rush, as he tried to warn her, “He is behind me, Right behind me!"

She drew her fingers away from the spilled tea, watches her fingers turn pink,. she said, `"Where have you been?"
“I was at Count Vic’s. Thanks to Cala!” Benger said. Water ran down his face thanks to the storm. He shivered both from the chill that he was feeling and what he saw walking there.

He could not remove the fear that he was feeling thanks to steering the white-skinned noble. He saw its face, witnessed fangs in its mouth. Its eyes were full of darkness. There was no white in the eyes of this being. The nails were grey where the bones where on its hands where there should be pink beneath the nail. The nail's edge is black with dirt.

“What do you mean? Thanks to Cala?” Dedraw glares at him, she could not understand this, Neither could we and we were there.

"There is no explanation for this to have happened. He should have gone to see the count, Not bloody, us! I think. Cala should pay for this to have happened here! I saw to it that he would. Count Vic was going to see him. As soon as we left his home. The count would see to this.`I said.

“We saw a coach that should have been pulled by four horses. It had its horses killed! The coach was there thanks to Cala’s desire to have it come there. We saw it!” Benger declared.

“How does that say, that we weren’t going to be in bed together?” Dedraw said.

“That,s why? I could not be with you last night?” Benger declared as he looked into her tear-filled eyes.

“Are you, sure. That you had to do this? “She asked as she nibbled some of the crust off the toast.

We watched as we saw Benger bolt inside the dining area. He did not slow his speed. When he entered the place he saw Dedraw. He was happy, a smile appeared as if by magic on his face.

“How was your night?” Stevie asked.

“Fantastic, but I missed my love bug!” she said and grinned at us, pinched the buttock of Benger, who squealed and slapped her hand off his bum.

“We weren’t responsible for that. He was?” I said as I stop with my friends as they stop beside Debraw’s table to talk with her. pointed at Benger hunched his shoulders looked at the floor instead of her.

“What do you mean?” Dedraw put her arms across her chest glared at Benger with the hint of a smile there.

“He saw the carriage in the storm. He had us check out the wagon, It was a noble’s carriage there were bodies left there. It had been attacked on the road there. Cala told us to go and see the count. Thanks to him,” I said

Dedraw glared at him. Said, “That was why you could not spend the night with me! How dare you?”

“I thought, it could be important that we check out the coach. It is… It involved Cala and someone. He was waiting for was slain!” Benger said,

“So, where you were last night, When you were supposed to be with me. After you saw Cala?” Dedraw snarled.

“Seeing count Vic! Cala told us to see to him!” Stevie said.

“Why?” Dedraw asked.

“Because Cala felt the count would not believe him. If he told him what we saw. There was a question that had been raised that Cala could not explain. He felt we could!” Benger said.

“Why did you not do this today instead of last night!” Dedraw asked.

“We were told to do this, He gave us three gold to take us there. To discuss with the count what we saw. He did not wish for us to not tell the count what we saw?” Benger whispers.

“And…” Dedraw slapped the table in anger.

“He threatened to have us arrested if we refused to do this!” I chimed in.

“How do you expect me to believe this?” she asked. Shook her head in disbelief. Glaring at Benger, she needed more reassurance than we could give her without the proof that Cala would have to allow us to prove to her, what we said was true.

“If you would like, we can asked. Cala if we see him come in here,” Stevie askeds, we knew he would come here today. Probably to speak with us about what we had done to him.

“Yes, If you could do this!” Dedraw said, “I will believe him. Only if you can actually do this!”

“We will do this,” Stevie said as she smiled to confirm what we will do for her.

“How are you doing?” Dedraw asked as she took his hand in hers got to her feet walked towards the room that Stevie got for them.

“Fine, Aside from the cold,” Benger said as he bent down to kiss her.

“Stevie, would you care to allow me to spend the night with this beautiful woman. Please,” Benger asked there were tears in his eyes.

“Fine, I would do it for you!” Stevie said with a smile on her face, she understood what she meant to him and him her.

“Thank you,”

After several hours, I heard the heavy doors slam open, The serving girls and men look at the entrance. Cala charges inside, he has flung open the doors. He advances into the room. His guards walk in with him. Cala's eyes are huge. His hands are white from blood loss. His jaw is clenched. His lips were white. His skin was pale. When his eyes fell on me. They stayed there as if they were daggers and I was the target. They did not waver. They hung on me like a noose about my neck. He stormed toward me.

I felt that there was a great deal of hatred being implemented towards me. I quickly turned to face Cala. He threw a person out of the way as he advanced towards me. He drove his hand down on my shoulder. It nearly tore my arm out of its socket. My arm fell from where it had rested. Pain filled my soul. The shoulder felt torn from where it should rest.

His face was white, his hands had opened and closed as he approached, His hand nearest his sword sped towards it. I was driven down from the blow he gave me. I winced and held my tongue in place. The arm sank away from where it should be.

I looked to see Cala his voice was full and broad, “What the hell have you done? Do you know who I have seen? This morning!”.

“I have done nothing. I only told Count Vic to see you! That was why we were there was due to your meddling? Wasn’t it? I dare say it was, Because of you doing, this! ”

“Do you know what you have done?" he screamed, his guards drew their weapons to protect Sir Cala from whoever was there to harm him.

“I take it. You saw him! Right!” I winced.

“How dare you? You Meddling piece of shit!”

“My your voice is getting louder, I take it you saw him. That’s why you are upset! How did it go?" I asked as I rubbed salt into his wounds.

“How dare you do this?” He screamed.

“Watch your tongue there are ladies about, You know, that you can not swear in their presence. If you do? They’ll go to see the bishop. You know what that means if you don’t hold a civil tongue in your head.” I said as I wag a finger in front of his face.

“So, you were responsible for them going to see Count VIc?” Dedraw whispered the color drained from her face.

Cala turned to face her, the color drained, he closed his hands, his hand slipped over the pommel of his sword. IT did not close on the pommel. He said,”I did tell them to do this?”

“So, you were telling the truth,” Dedraw wrapped her arms about his neck to kiss him. She was happy,

His guards stand beside him and they reach for their weapons. His eyes are wide. His eyes fall on me. Driving his feet to hit the floor like a validate”s hoof. Charging towards me.

I wince as I see and hear Cala’s voice,” What are you doing? Including me in this matter!”

I turn about to face him, my hand drifted quietly to my daggers, drew one of them up into my hand. I feel safe with it being there. Judging from the distance between us, he was within range of my dagger’s reach; if thrown, I said, as calm as can be, “I take it you saw Count Vic. How was he doing? Was he still impressed about seeing us! Thanks to you. I dare say he wasn’t when we saw him. Was he? What did he want to talk to you about, Ah! Yes, the messenger.”

The other involved in this matter, smiled at him as he glared at them. His knuckles are pink from blood loss. His face white with anger, he has his hands were closed tightly on the cane’s handle. He stares at me. He lifts his hand as though to strike me. I bring up the dagger to block his hand, The hand does not lay down on me, It stopped inched from my face, His guards are with him. They look upset with me being there, Cala screams, “Did I see Vic! How dare you ask this question? To me! Me!”

“I take it, Count has talked to you. Was it worth your time? Seeing him?” I asked lifting my cup to my mouth. Taking a sip of ale. It coldness and the wheat favored brew wake me.

“How dare you? He did talk to me! Wanted to know, why I sent you to be there?” Cala said.

“So, you did in fact see him. Good to know, We’re off the hook! Thank you for confirming, what we told you.” I said as I looked at his face.

Cala said,`” Why have you brought it to his attention, that I am expecting the man to arrive from Artism kingdom. Do you know what he wants me to do?” His face contorted in rage.

I smiled and said, “I haven’t got a clue!”

“Did he tell you to see the sorceress?” He screamed, the others in the dining room turn to look at the boar who did this. They looked concerned a might upset. The waiter comes charging over until he saw the cape on the shoulders of Cala. He freezes, turns about ane leaves the area. Cala’s face is white with fear.

“No! He did not,”

“Do you realize that you are in a great deal of trouble!” he warned.

“Why are we in trouble. It’s not our problem.it. It's yours isn’t it!” I declared my voice grew in volume as my pointing finger taps him in the chest.

“You have to see the wizardess?”

“Are we supposed to listen to you. Are we in your employ? I am not my father. Am I?” I snarl.

“That was why I had to see her?”

“So, what”s she like?” I smile and watch the foam of my ale spill over the side of the glass to run down its side. Watching him stand there, and glare at me. He stopped, looked at me incredulously. He opens and closes his mouth.

“Cat got your tongue,” Dedraw laughs as she looked at him.

Cala said deflated, “I have to see a medium and I need you and your friends to see her too.”

I look at him and raise my empty hand towards him, He looked at my hand in disbelief and said, ” How much?”

“ Last night was three, and it could have been for a longer duration than I thought it was to be. Right?” I suggest as I look at my friends about me. They nod in agreement with me.

“So,” Cala said he looked at me, he smiled slowly.

“We don’t know how long thisgoing to be. Do we?”

“You don’t. What do you expect me to do?” Cala said as he tries to figure out what I am going to say.

“Coins!” I suggested, a smile crept across my face.

“Coins,” he grumbled, “How much!”

“Give me, the number and I will tell you,”

We bicker about the numbers for quite some time, But we finally get the right figure for us doing this. He also does as Stevie suggests.

Dedraw and Benger are talking on the bed. Benger felt that he was being watched, but by whom. Dedraw felt the same as he does. They look about in search of what was watching them.

They looked at the huge oak door it was closed. Benger even out his knife’s edge to the door to keep it closed. The room was large. It had a bed, a bucket for waste to be in, and thrown out. There was a bureau where their clothing laid.

Besides the bureau was a large window, The curtain was almost to the ceiling at its bottom, Benger saw a hint of a face there. Benger peered at the curtained window the storm still was here. He witnessed the window`s sill begin to smoke. The glass began to run from where it rested in the frame to spill and run down the window frame. There were four holes in the window where its hand rested on the frame. The sill began to smoke and burn. The window sill had been cut in the length of it's hand resting there on the edge. To its depth, the wall beneath the sill was marked with its heat.

It smiled and laughed as he drew up his dagger to attack it. It danced away from the window, that was marred by its hand. Its manacle laughter filled the room. Benger touched the window which exploded. Showering the room in shards of glass.

He got to his feet and walks to the window. Parts the curtain to see a white face look at him through the window. The being could be on the ground looking through this window to see them. When the curtain moved, it has gone to the other side of the street, hiding beneath the trees leaves. It looked at him. He recognizes the face.

It can’t be. He said to himself, but it is. He saw it. He felt that he was in danger. The metal object that hangs from his neck grew hot. It felt as if it was going to be pulled from blisteringly hot coals. Smoke begins to pour from the object. He screams in pain, The cloak he wore began to char. He quickly threw off the cloak.

The object was ablaze. He reaches for the cloak flames ran across it. Smoke billows from it black smoke. The heat was unbearable. His hand touches it, his fingers ooze, and are engulfed in pain. bones spill from his hand.

He screams as though his life depends upon him getting it off him. His fingers slide off. He touches the chain, it feels cold to the touch, He winces as he draws up the chain, pulls it from his chest. There was a pink fluid that ran from its side. It felt as though he had been branded. Smoke and flames ran from the shape of the object he removes.

There was a patch of bones where it rested, blood pours from this gaping hole.

We hear the scream. As we are walking past the door discussing what Cala has said to us. Stevie charged at the door, hammered it. The door does not move. Stevie toppled to the floor.

Dedraw withdraws the knife from the door frame to see us. Dedraw flies over Stevie to crash into me as I am there.

We are all on the floor. Stevie looked up at her. There are tears running from her eyes, her mouth moving, but no sounds are going out of it. She collapses.

Benger was screaming, blood running from his chest. His right hand has burn marks on it from the heat of the object he lifted from his chest.

I charge towards where she had come from. Sword up, I see Benger as he looked at me. His eyes dance about the room. The room felt cold as ice. There sits an object I hadn’t seen before on the bed. There blood running off this object shaped like a coffin. Eight inches in length and two inches in width, The surface has things appearing on the surface. They don’t stay the same way long enough for me to be able to describe them. There lay twelve bones on the blanket, covered in blood that oozes off of them, Tendrils of smoke climb off the bones and blood slowly rising.

Benger looked at me, his skin was white. He shifts about as he tries to calm down. His teeth are chattering. His eyes do not rest. He fidgets about. Nothingcalm. He askeds, “What happening?”

“I don’t know?” I said as I reached for the object that lays on the bed, the blanket begins to turn brown, there’s heat rising from the object. Smoke slowly erupts from the bedsheet. I drew my hand away, it’s very hot.

“What’s that?” Stevie said as she opened the door with Dedraw in her arms. Staring at the object that my hand has drawn away from that as well. My fingers feel as if they would be ablaze.

“I don’t know, but I took it from the carriage. I think I have done something to annoy the object. Or its possessor. It has harmed me, I don’t know what to do. I also saw the figure that killed Artism, in the window. It looked at me as I was here with Dedraw. The object was then ablaze when I saw it there.” he trembled as he spoke.

“What are these colors on the object, the images. They do not allow me to see them clearly. I am afraid. We can’t have the object on us. If we do. Look what it has done to you?” I sais as I looked at it.

Blood spilled from his right hand, where the bones had come from. The area where the digits were was running with blood. I looked at his hand in disbelief. I drew up a towel wrapped it about his hand to seal the wound. I knew I would have to see a healer about this matter,

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