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There are things you just cannot wrap your mind around of...
Almost every single day people pay a visit to that video posting site known as YouTube; they visit YouTube just to look at something from the past as well as check out old commercials and cartoons. But what is so very great about YouTube, for me anyway, was that it features those meditation videos in which you can watch something of nature for an hour or so, and then meditate on it…
I paid a visit to YouTube the other day, and then I checked out one of those meditation videos, in this case, the ocean waves that crash on the beach on a summer’s day; while I began looking as well as meditating on the ocean waves, I began to think about how life has ultimately changed since this pandemic had begun, while also feeling how numb inside my mind and soul became of how our very own American President had completely messed up on responding to this health crisis. He had ignored these warnings, and all because he cares more about himself and his own poll numbers than about the needs and sufferings of the American people.
How could our President ever be so retarded at doing such a thing like this? Of course, he has heard of the warnings, but he completely paid no attention to them, and as a result of his stupid, reckless behavior, we are all paying the ultimate price. 130,000+ Americans have died from the virus, and millions of us have either been furloughed or laid off, all because a President did not even bother to look at the warnings that a virus would plague not only America, but the entire world, and instead just put his attention on his own interests such as poll numbers. We are all struggling and suffering thanks to him.

When I received word that I had been furloughed back in March as this pandemic began to take hold, I was shocked; at first, I began thinking: What did I do wrong to deserve this? I did not do anything wrong! And that was when I began to let it all out by crying over this. Because, frankly, it is perfectly OK to cry when you do not know what to do.
Throughout the past four months, they have been nothing but misery for me, even though I have had some good days: I have been applying for unemployment not once, not twice, but three times, and still I had gotten nothing. I am pretty much sure that they have been having computer trouble or something, and I am hoping that they would get their act together and to come up with something to fix these enrollment problems very soon, if not sooner. And yes, I have been also been waiting for word on when I could finally return to work; I had been originally been on furlough at least until July 30th of this year, but I had also been told that that could change. So, one week I got the message that the governor of Delaware had raised the reopening level to no. 2, and that things have started to reopen, for some businesses if not ALL businesses. Meanwhile, I had gotten the message that I could be returning to work the next week, and that they would give me the dates of returning to work as well as a work schedule. A few weeks have gone by, and I have yet to hear of the news of my return to work.
The other day I had gotten word from my supervisor that she would be bringing people back when it is safe to do so; I was also told that there wasn’t enough work to be done to bring everybody back, and that includes myself. So with that, there was nothing left for me to do but to wait this thing out and to see whether or not I would ever be able to go back to work and see all of my co-workers again.

It just plain stinks to be out of work in a pandemic; had our President ever cared enough to listen to those warnings by the officials and then do what he is ordered to do instead of ignoring them and then lie, lie, lie to cover up his act, then this incredibly horrible situation would finally be under control, and I would have continued going to work throughout the year had it not for this pandemic…
But instead, I watch the ocean waves on YouTube. I look at them, and then began to meditate on how good this year would have been if it had not been for this pandemic that has been caused by a careless, reckless President.
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