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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Animal · #2227456
YouTuesday Story (EraFarty)
The animation was made by: EraFaty

Link: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=NXqljwL1Izo&list=PLWeE2pCveln6TQo5_w-eXkv7ADfjpbKk...

Pov Version: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=FHaxMhZc8ic&has_verified=1


It was a peaceful stroll for Glaceon, the peaceful forest made it all the better. She stopped however and saw some fellow pokemon in the distance, it was a Buizel and a Chespin. Glaceon stayed and watched as the Buizel raised it's tail, showing it's ass off to the Chespin.

(POV Version Starts Here):
Chespin slowly went over to the Buizels's orange rear and put both of hiw paws on it. A burst of gas errupted from the Buizels anus and right into Chespins face. The wet fart was too much for the Chespin as he coughed for a moment, the smell was rough, but he managed to smell it and enjoy it.

The Buizel looked backand saw the Chespin melt on his ass, proceeding to have him lay on the ground and sit on his face in the process. The Chespin smiled and got ready for Buizel's next release. More wet farts were released onto the Chespin, and Chespin didn't really like it that time around as his coughed during the several bursts of gas.

Both of them stopped to take a breather for a moment, giving Glaceon the perfect opportunity to strike. He pounced at the Buizel, making him fall off the Chespin and onto the ground. He looked at the Chespin and threw a leg over him, positioning his ass over the grass types face. Glaceon released some wet farts of his own, which made Chespin coughed even more, the smell was much worse than Buizels. Chespin struggled to break free, but to no advil. Glaceon sighed, savoring the moment he deserved.

Buizel looked at the Glaceon with anger, he was the one to torture Chespin, not him! He aimed his butt at Glaceon and released a single wet poot, but little did he know tha Glaceon likes farts. He got up and laughed at Chespin current situation, as Glaceon got off for a moment. They looked at Chespin, then at each other, then got an idea. They both pointed their rears at the grass type and began to torture him some more.

Glaceon to a breath and released a few wet farts onto the poor Chespin. Buizel went next and released more wet farts onto Chespin, who was coughing from the awful combined smell that both rears produced. With one final breath, they both released everything they had left in them, coating Chespin with fart after fart, eventually passing out.

(POV Version Ends Here):
Glaceon melted to the ground in relief, leaving Buizel in his train of thought. He lifted his tail however and ripped one final wet fart. Buizel smelled the fart and passed out right then and there. Glaceon looked back a the two with awe, feeling bad yet satisfied by the experience he just had.
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