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I wrote something that's even more headache inducing than a day in the classroom.
And the girl walked to the back of the classroom like she did everyday- in fact, this was her first time. Sitting down in the back, she told the two boys in her path to leave, for she was walking to her desk. “Why are you back here? It’s Tuesday. You’re never back here on Tuesday.” The young men asked. The girl simply shrugged with a knowing smile. Undeterred, the children walked back to their desks, in the very front. She heard one of them say, “Thank God it’s Friday.” And she couldn’t agree more.

With the boys sitting on either side of her, she felt a wave of uneasy confidence. “This is the day I finally understand.” She would mutter to herself- and immediately retract, for the teacher was now entering the classroom. The gloomy teacher gave her students her signature bright smile, and class was due to begin. The girl listened intently, with her mind in another world. “Now,” the woman began, “have you all done questions 1-100? All 5 parts?” The class rummaged around their computers to look for their missing homework. A timid voice boomed from the front. “I’ve finished mine, though I didn’t quite complete it.” Another whispered from the middle “I never did it, but I’m not sure if I got them all right.” “Ok,” the headmaster began, “show me all your homework now.” And all at once the whole class and the girl showed their papers to the woman; some with writing, some blank, but the teacher was very proud- for everyone did their homework.

“Now,” the girl looked at her with earnest, as she was dreading today’s lesson. “Today we are going to learn about the equivalence of symmetry. Martin Donald once said, “Three fifths of a three sixths times 0.5/4 is almost the equivalent to the biology of mankind.” The class nodded enthusiastically with their heads on their desks. “But what about Athulthluaa? From their reign 3 million years ago, we have recently found their earliest known writings from when they first evolved- about 1 million years ago. We have learned the Ummp- Miles syndrome was exactly what Einstein was talking about after he came from the moon. And the equivalence..” She looked at each and every face around the room intently; she didn’t look at the girl, “is something not even imaginary numbers can consequence.” “But Miss, certainly that day was the day of Independence, for those who found nine eighteenths sixteenths in fact had no idea it could be transposed of such parts.” The teacher looked at the student, with a look of pride beaming in her angry eyes. “Oh yes, thank you for correcting me on that. That is indeed the case, please ignore everything I have said thus far.”

The girl was now secretly doodling words in her notebook for everyone else to see. She had no interest in the humanity of nine fifths. “I must concentrate now. The test is in a few minutes and the class lasts an hour. At least we can go home after the test, but I hate we cannot leave.” She looked to her left and her right at the boys. They were each studying intently, with their faces in their phones. “Oh look, now I am far behind.” She thought silently out loud. Scrambling to pick up her pen and pencil, she looked at the chalk board to find an intricately simple diagram drawn by her generous teacher. “Please copy your notes now, for I am about to go to the next slide. I will give you a few minutes, then I will click off the page.” Immediately clicking off the page, she then drew another diagram for her students to follow. “Curses, she had not gone fast enough, and now I am starting to somewhat understand.” She hastily measured the diagram in her textbook, though it was quickly forgotten. She scribbled on her phone once more. She didn’t understand what any of the words meant. Fortunately, she had heard them her whole life.

“And yes, and now, and yes,” the woman began “who, in this building, can tell me why when we think we feel, and when we lie we listen? I expect your answers to be no less than a thousand pages, each due tomorrow.” “Ugh, more homework. At least I don’t have to do it at home.” The timid voice from the back rang again, “Miss, I have already finished mine.” And he went up and put his piece of paper facedown on her desk. “Thank you, it is so disheartening to see not a single person did their homework but you. You are truly special.” Her sad eyes flashed with joy. The boy on the left asked to the boy on the right, “What is our homework? I listened too hard.” “Five pages on what we can do to make two and two five, and eight times eight the reason for the world.” The girl scribbled this down in her computer, for she would surely forget- she did have the best memory in the class after all.

As the class winded down, the teacher once again reminded the class of their homework. “…75 pages, the radius of the solar system. With examples, and no less than 50 paragraphs per page per sentence. If there are no questions for me, I will be on my way. You can contact me from 1:00 pm to 1:02 pm.” The girl held her silence loudly in the back. Taking the noise as a sign of understanding, the woman made her way out the door. Class now over, the two boys rose from their seats and made their way to the front and out the door. “Aren’t Wednesdays just the best?” one of them called back to the girl. “Absolutely.” And she rose from her desk and began to walk towards the exit of the dungeon. In her mind she had many thoughts, though she was certain of only one: she had no idea what had happened that day.
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