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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2227592
Androids in an old western town follow the instructions of the tower clock.
Rust Never Sleeps In Machine Town
(Android Life Tied To The Town Clock Tower)

Intelligent machines tread heavy on ancient dust
Streets vacated in history make room for bots
Above the square a tower clock holds power
With the motion of two simple hands it moves
Counts out eternity, motion, order and more
The last remnant of the biologic ones now gone

Androids pray to Saint Nano of the Seconds
May their subatomic quarks live on forever
Synchronized down to the fraction of divinity
Where particles take mysteries apart

AI has no choice but to look up at high noon
It is a western town with no cowboys or saloons
Two bright lights fashioned in their heads go out
Rust waits for them in the afterlife suspended

Something must have happened to twelve o’clock
As the time piece above the town strikes five
Hands no longer move and what else is new
When androids cry they rust in place

Perhaps Machine Number One stepped in
The Master Programmer planned the end
Nothing exists for miles around aside from dust
Ghosts fill in the distance between heaven and earth
Rust never sleeps when machines shut down
For creators of the biologic ones time runs out
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