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My three hundred word entry to a competition.
“Do you believe in ghosts little girl?” It echoed in her mind before she woke up, in a sweat, in a pool of sweat. She groggily opened her eyes and reached for the bottle of water by her bed. She hadn’t been sleeping particularly well since her classmate had died. Then she heard in both ears at once, “Booooo!” And from out of nowhere appeared a white ghost; her first reaction was to laugh, although she had been scared, it was beyond her sleep tortured mind to be scared any more, and plus the ghost sort of looked like something from Casper, or Mario Land.

“Hello my special ghost,” she whispered, not quite in awe, it was still funny to her. “Have you come to take me away, on a magical cloud, or have you come with ill-intent?”

The ghost roared back at her, “Special place? I do not know of any special place.” Next, in sort of a conversational tone; “You are here because you killed me.”

She was hysterical, “Killed you! Killed you, you say? I have done no such thing. This must certainly be a prank!”

The being swirled and twirled around her bedroom, pushing papers off of her desk, and knocking things to the floor before once again yelling in a deafening roar, “You did kill me!”

She slapped both her cheeks to try to wake herself up out of this stupid dream. She tried to remember the water she had drank going down her throat. The next thing she knew she was shaking hard in her bed, as if she was having a seizure, and then her alarm clock going off.

She put her feet on the side of the bed, touching her alarm clock; what a stupid dream she thought.
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