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Rated: E · Fiction · Crime/Gangster · #2227617
One of the last times Tommy gets to make his own choice.
Tommy’s cell phone rang, “Hello? Weed and Wonders.” He glanced at his Rolex, this could not be good news. It was in fact bad news, it was the detective again. He shouldn’t have used that greeting on his cell phone. He briefly considered pretending it was a recorded greeting, but the detective knew he was there.

“Is this Tommy? Uh, Tommy Marino?”

“Who’s asking?” Tommy automatically responded moodily.

“This is Detective Heartings, can I call you Tom, Mr Marino?”

He couldn’t believe he was having this conversation, it was almost surreal, “Sure. Can I call you Dick?”

The detective used his fake humorless laugh, and said, “No my first name is Louis, Tom. But I suppose you should call me Detective Heartings, it would be more appropriate for this conversation.”

Tommy ignored everything he just said, “How can I help ‘ya Dick?”

Heartings responded very calmly, “That’s Detective Heartings.” He almost sighed, giving up on the battle of the names he guessed he would not win. “We would like to set up an interview with you, when is a good time for you?”

“What kind of interview? you know, I always wanted to be a detective, but I always had a problem stealing from poor people.”

Heartings cleared his throat, “Yes, well, you remember when your mama said you can be anything you wanted to be when you grew up? Well, it’s too late for that now.”

“So what kind of an interview do you want? If you’ve been following me as closely as I presume you have been; you might’ve guessed that I don’t give hand jobs to meter maids.”

Laughing, almost sardonically, “Well, after how dirty you’ve gotten your hands, you should keep them to yourself. How does Monday sound, we can do it the easy way, you can come in and tell us everything you know, or we can do it the other way. You know, the way you see it in movies; thirty or forty unmarked FBI cars pull up to your drug house, and we start collecting evidence and everybody gets arrested?”
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