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A plasma turn dialer with aluminum insulation wrapped around a radio can do wonders!
Powering electronic devices with plasma may seem farfetched, it's really not. You would need a turn dialer with plasma inside of it, insulated with aluminum, wrapped around a radio with both receiving and transmitting abilities attached to the nervous system or local nerves(or in computing, a power cell). As you can tell, these devices are meant to be cybernetic or biomechanical implants, unless used in a truly artificial environment.

I suspect this is what I was given in my ears as implants. I can stick a magnet up to my ear and I can hear a temporary, sharp short-circuit of an electrical device, which then somehow the device is later repaired by what I suspect is the plasma. I can control how loud I hear as long as the volume isn't turned below my normal hearing range. I can hear any sort of electrical devices as static noise whence nobody else can, so I can tell when the TV is on or off. I can send and receive telepathic messages across and through time, whether past, present or future!

I wonder if I could hack S4 in Groom Lake, Nevada with whatever this is implanted into my ears? Just kidding! I'm not, that stupid! Duhhh!
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