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by Bihxy
Rated: E · Poetry · Environment · #2227782
A portrayal of how much public appearance affects our thinking capacity...
I am wearing skimpy and scandalous clothing tonight,
Which is funny because I have no body curves,
I am on my way to a party in the ghetto,
The last time I was in the ghetto I was raped,
Perhaps the rapists have become born again!
My body is covered in scars and stretch marks,
I hope no one shall notice them,
Despite the fact that my shirt dress is see through,
The heels I am wearing are uncomfortable,
Extremely high and expensive,
I pray they all notice the label,
So I don't mind the discomfort, you know what they say about the price of beauty,
My face is thick with makeup,
To cover up my zits,
The foundation stings at them,
I walk into the ghetto,
Pounding heart,
Anxious about my hair that was probably disorganized by the wind,
As you wonder why I would do all this,
Let me tell you why,
It is because I am friends with the devil inside of my head.
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