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A poem about a failed online friendship, drawn from a personal experience
You start off with good intentions
That you and nobody else mentions

Because its rude to publicise
All the truths and all the lies

Then when it goes horribly wrong
You realise you aren't that strong

From the sky comes the rain
To briefly dull the stinging pain

Of encounters that should not have been
Started off from the screen

Unknown persons come into view
Intentions dulled by a hazy hue

You wonder if you're doing right
When you get involved with their plight

The secrets that they share with you
Go no further, that is true

For i am one without loose lips
From my mouth nothing slips

One would hope its reciprocated
Trust can never be outdated

Despite the silence that has descended
Upon our time that has ended

There are many questions that remain
Unasked, i must refrain

From probing any further deeper
Into the mind of the keeper

Of answers that i'll never know
But their actions are starting to show

No more shall i be roped in
To something that i cannot win

To have my efforts cast aside
And crush the remnants of my pride

What exactly did i achieve?
Who exactly did i decieve?

Online people can be fun
But you have to find a certain one

From this saga i have learned
That fingers can get easily burned

Nobody shall ever gain my trust
Promises just turn to dust

To the person who i write about
You leave me with little doubt

That you will be just fine without me
So i say this most politely

We had laughs and we had fun
But i have to look after number one

So do your thing and live your life
With no stress and no strife

I now retreat into myself
And resume my position upon the shelf
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