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Knowing it’s time to move on after heartbreak.
I knew it was truly over when I went to your house. You weren’t there but I peeked through the window. You had taken down the pictures we put up together, like my precious girl, and a poem we had created and loved. You put pictures back up that you once replaced with those that had meaning to both of us. It was like you swept me right out of your life and took a stand for your own independence.

Your home was a place we both felt comfortable. It was a place of love and care, of dreams, of vision, of spiritual connection. After you pushed me away I thought I could reach you again, but you banned me from your life in more ways than one. Your home now reflected you, not us. It was darker, colder. I knew I would never feel welcome there again.

As I turned from the window I saw that you’d left my things outside, the photo of my dear girl among them. It was then that I realized it was truly over. Things you said you would never do, you had done. All I could do was leave a place where I just felt a chill, not the warmth of love and joy that I usually felt being there.

There is no going back after pain this great. What you threw away like rubbish was everything to me. I thought I knew you but you are right; I don’t know you at all. So I have decided to move far away from all we once knew. I am going to take my own poems off my walls and pack up my things. Soon I will be gone, and all that our love will ever be is a breeze through the hills. Here one moment, gone the next, a sweet and precious memory not meant to last after all.
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