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This is for me but if you find it useful, I'm glad.
Roll some dice

Roll a regular die to choose characters, theme and plot. Roll story dice to choose an action sequence.

Read and Write a Review

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Transcribe lyrics to a song. Or try a prompt  .

Develop a Character

What were the character's beliefs in the beginning, middle and end of your story? What actions does your character do to show those beliefs in the beginning, middle and end? What's the change from the middle to the end? What's the change from the beginning to the end?

Switch Genres

Try a dice roll for these, too.

Work with another part of your brain

For example, I like knitting. My supervisor said, "A change of activity is better than a nap because the newness brings fresh energy." Some people try learning a new language as a great brain exercise.

Go for a walk. Eat, drink. Clean the house and exercise.

This isn't exactly procrastination since taking care of yourself needs to be done.

Watch a movie

Hopefully it will be one that inspires you to keep writing. On that note, I have a little story to tell. In Star Wars Episode VIII - The Last Jedi - character Kylo Ren played by Adam Driver was waffling so much that he reminded me of me and inspired me to return to my dream of writing screenplays. Chase a future that matters. When I write, I imagine a future in which little boys and little girls want to grow up to be tree planters in a world that gives tax deductions to entities who fund tree planters.
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