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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Activity · #2228044
Ben and Carl make a mistake.

Ben stood outside his friend Carl’s house, waiting. Carl came running out his door at top speed. Ben fell in step beside him. When he began to run, Ben did too.

Soon the two boys reached the parkette down the block and went to the swings. Ben looked at Carl expectantly.

“Did you get it?”

His friend dangled a tiny key from pinkie.

“Woot!” Ben said as he pumped his fist.

“Keep it down! They haven’t left yet!”

“Do we have to wait long?”

“They’re leaving in an hour. We’ll have to sneak back in after they go. My mom and dad won’t hear us because most likely they’ll be napping in their chairs, snoring.”

“What’ll we do until then?”

“Wait, I guess.”

So they did. The hour seemed to drag by and Ben got more and more antsy. Finally, Carl said:

“Let’s go!”

Racing their way back to his house, the two boys let themselves in the back door. Creeping upstairs while avoiding the ones that creaked and snapped, was a little nerve-wracking. But finally they reached the door they wanted.

Opening it, Carl went in and Ben followed closely.

“Where is it?” he whispered.

“Bedside table drawer,” Carl mouthed.

Finally, they had it in their hands. Using the key, they opened it and began to avidly read. Suddenly, Carl slammed the book closed and threw it under the bed.

“What did you do that for?” Ben wondered.

“That’s not my sister’s diary, it’s my mom’s!” Carl squeaked.

“So, it was getting good!”

“Pervert!” Carl yelled and started pummeling Ben.

They made so much noise they woke Carl’s mom and dad. All the time the two boys were being yelled at, Ben couldn’t stop staring at Carl’s mom. He wished he’d been a teenager in Sixties like her!

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