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Rated: E · Fiction · Drama · #2228045
A Boy gets his first harmonica.
The doorbell rang, as Joey ran to open it. He slowly returned to the kitchen table carrying an AMAZON box in his hands.
“Did you get it?” his brother Larry asked with eyes as big as saucers.
“I sure did,” Joey smiled. He sat the box on the table and grabbed his table knife to break the seal.
“Oh, I want to try it.”
“You’re not big enough,” Joey replied.
“Sure I am. I’m almost as big as you.”
“Too bad. I saved all my birthday money and all my lawn mowing money from the past month to order it. And, you aren’t using it ever.”
Joey pulled the box open and peered down inside. It was such a large box for such a small item. He pulled out a couple of air cushion bags, and then held a small bubble wrapped package in his hand. The smile on his face was like that of most children at Christmas, as he tore the bubble wrap away.
“I got it he yelled,” running through the house into the living room. “Grandpa, I got it.”
“So, you have my boy,” the elderly man said smiling at the boy.
“Will you teach me to play, just like you and your old friend Sonny used to play?”
The old man smiled at the boy, as he pulled his own little harmonica out of a box on the stand next to his chair, “That sure is a pretty one you got there. I’ll do my best to teach you. Now, you take it and put it up to your lips like this. And, always remember its one-part knowing the notes, and three parts soul.”
Soon the boy would know what soul really was all about.

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