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A man's brief experience at a convention.
Alex pushed the huge door open and stepped into the convention room. “Alex,” came a voice from the stage. “Come in. We've been expecting you.

Alex's brow furled. “Of course you've been expecting me,” he muttered to himself. “This is an ESP convention, isn't it?”

“Please have a seat anywhere you'd like,” said another voice on the stage.

Before Alex could take another step, a third voice spoke. “That would be row four, seat twenty-one, wouldn't it?”

Row four, seat twenty-one was exactly where Alex was planning to sit. He thought for a moment about choosing a different seat, but decided that such an unexpected move might upset the balance of the entire universe. So, without acknowledging the voice on the stage, he made his way to row four, seat twenty-one.

“George,” he heard from the stage. “Come in. We've been expecting you.” He turned to see a man he assumed was George head directly for a seat. Must have come to the last convention, Alex figured. Didn't wait to be told to have a seat wherever he'd like.

This was Alex's first ESP convention, and he was still a bit of a beginner at developing his mind. The fact that he didn't know beforehand that George was about to enter told him that he needed more practice.

He'd no sooner turned back toward the stage when he heard, “Anne. Come in. We've been expecting you.” And three seconds later, “Robert. Come in. We've been expecting you.”

Within ten minutes, he heard thirty-two arrivals greeted individually with, “Come in. We've been expecting you.” He hadn't yet started to rise out of his seat and storm out when he heard, “Alex, we're sorry you have to leave so soon.” Somehow, he knew someone was going to say that.
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