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A gathering of sorority sisters.
Great Expectations

Barbara Anne hurried up the street, excitement in every step. She’d decided to leave her car at home, in case there were drinks. It wasn’t every day she got invited to a mystery gathering. The invitation had arrived in the mail yesterday. Since it was for her alma mater and involved her graduating class, Barbara Anne was quick to accept.

“I’m so late, hope they didn’t start without me,” Barbara Anne told herself as she reached the lights on the corner.

It seemed it would never turn green and, not being very patient, she decided to take a chance. Barbara Anne arrived at her sorority house in record time. The door opened easily and she went in. The invitation said to come to the library. Amazingly, Barbara Anne made her way there quickly, even in the dim light.

“It hasn’t changed much! They still go cheap on the wattage in the light bulbs,” she mused.

As she opened the door, she found eight of her sisters gathered around a round candle-lit table.

“We’ve been expecting you,” they all said at once.

“What are we meeting for? An alum party like the parties in the old days!” Barbara Anne asked, her eyes sparkling.

“We thought we’d hold a séance,” the house mother said, smiling.

Taking the last empty seat, Barbara Anne studied each face around her on both sides. She was so glad to see them all together!

“Shall we begin, ladies?” their house mother suggested.

They all nodded as they joined hands.

“We summon the living…” they intoned solemnly.

“What? But I thought séances were for the living to contact the dead!” Barbara Anne said.

“Usually they are. But we thought we would try to contact the living. You see, none of us are alive. Not even you!

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