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School Championship finals 100 meters dash
My Run Up to Championship

We paraded around field acknowledging the cheers and whistles of our fans, all around crowded sports stadium, holding huge placards displaying “Simon Champion”, “John our Champion”. We waited for the whistle to line up. My mind was tense imagining the tremendous competition to win . Our practice sessions put tons of expectations from me by the coach, whole lot of fans, teachers and buddies alike. I could see in my mind’s eye Cindy my girlfriend exuding a big win . We ran to the line sooner the referee whistled to line up! Looking our tensed faces he patted all of us “Come on boys, Calm down, wait for my count down and whistle. No line crossing allowed, keep to your track to the end. Cheer up!”
Soon countdown began, and then the whistle.
We ran remembering his words ringing in my mind. It’s about the first half all of us were shoulder to shoulder but slowly my colleagues fell behind. No sooner they came back along I thought I should muster up just before the tape. My strategy worked when I crashed through the tape in the last minute! Dumb founded I couldn’t believe myself, I was shivering and still gasping after crossing the tape. It’s all done in fraction of a second I won over my nearest rivals. Blowing the whistle loud referee caught my arm lifting his hand atop signaling my win! I pitied John and Paul cursing loud spitting the ground with anger and frustration. “Hurray……..You made it… broke our school records, you’re 10.70 seconds our new record” …….my fans barged on me, lifted atop and ran taking me around the field with great jubilation.
Coach came running, hugged me in appreciation “That’s great, Simon my boy, my weekly records predicted sure you would win; it could only be second place for John or Paul”
“Thank you Mike, but for your strict practice sessions I couldn’t have done it”
Soon I was pulled away to the dais by the referee for a quick interview to the benefit of eager audience all around the field.
“Here’s the winner, Simon” made a loud announcement “The number two and three are won by John and Paul respectively, give them a big hand!”
Loud cheers went up the air as I was decorated with the running champion mantle by the Principal.
Referee was quick to ask, “Speak a few words on the secret of your success”
“It’s all the strict practice regime we underwent, nothing but that. I thank our coach Mike, the strict disciplinarian I woe this success for” …..I shook hands with other participants and the distinguished gathering.
All along my heart was throbbing, looking for my girlfriend Cindy. Lo she’s here running up to me. “ It’s sooo……..pleasing you made it” hugging me tight she screamed with ecstasy.
“Aye ……I ….. didn’t expect you’re so late to meet me” I fumbled with difficulty after the electrifying hug.
“No, not at all. I had to make way through the crowd, it took my life out”..... "It was a great thrill as you zipped past john”
“Yes I too couldn’t guess I would win! It’s close brush”
“I am proud to see you man as Champion of Running, Gordon School, a big dream come true”…..Cindy bragged as usual.
“All along it was a big nightmare to think of the cut throat challenge John and Paul threw”
How could you say, Mike was all praise for you, he said you stood out first and they both were dangling around second, Henry’s nowhere near about”
“Could be, but you know, things can spring surprise, it all depends on that last few seconds that matters”
“Anyone can muster up last second to overtake others, you mean”
“There you are, you guessed it right my sweetie” I dragged to my arms unawares, to come to senses as my fans started giggling at us.

I heaved a sigh of relief “It was the end of another challenging week.” as I drove past the stadium with Cindy.


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