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by Drake
Rated: E · Short Story · Cultural · #2228462
Coffee has disappeared and the Starbucks Manager has to deal with the fallout.
Coffee had disappeared from the face of the Earth. What was the company going to do? Willard was a manager at Starbucks and he wondered if he would even have a job anymore. Would Starbucks come up with new beverages to keep the company running? WIllard came of age in the 90's and had always wanted to work at a coffee shop. He loved watching Friends and how they met up and hung out at the local coffee shop. He himself remembered lounging in large comfortable chairs having a fine cup of coffee as he wrote poetry and spoke to the acquaintances that walked in and out. As he grew older and began a career, somehow he ended up a Starbucks manager. No real surprise.

As the years passed he saw Starbucks get rid of the comfy chairs and put in hardwood chairs. The stores became less inviting for people who wanted to hang out. Then the drive thrus happened. The bane of Willard's existence. Coffee went from pure art to a mass produced widget. He was pressured to deliver coffee beverages to customers at the drive thru in 30 seconds from when they drove up to the window. It always felt like an impossible task.

There would be many times that Willard looked himself in the eyes and wondered how had he come to this place in his life. He felt like he was enabling people to be mean to others just by the nature of his profession. The demand for coffee was so huge that long lines developed and the pressure to deliver everything at break neck speeds was almost too much to take.

When the coffee trees died worldwide, and the roasted coffee shriveled up in their bags, people in the company grew silent. At first there was a mad rush to the Starbucks stores. People bought pounds of coffee and had three cups a day. Once the coffee beans shriveled up, the customers came back and demanded refunds. The company created a policy that coffee couldn't be returned and that's when the riots happened.

WIllard had barely managed to lock the doors when people attacked the building with rocks and whatever debris they found laying about. His staff was terrified but Willard found himself growing angry. Someone broke through and Willard grabbed one of the heavy wooden chairs, the one's designed to discourage long hangout sessions, and nailed a man in this temple. The man was knocked out cold and that display of violence was enough to keep the crowd from intruding until the police arrived and broke up the scene.

Willard was put on suspension not for hitting the customer but because an anonymous Barista called HR and told them that they were scared of Willard due to seeing how violent he got (while protecting them).

I didn't matter. Starbucks and all of the other coffee houses closed shortly thereafter. This was the fork in the road of Willard's life that he now found himself looking at. After a career in coffee, it was now time to move on. And that he did. Eventually, after some time and study. Willard became a lawyer.

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