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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2228632
I was afraid of that, I was in a dead-end.

The call

I was late, so I got in my car quickly. An early weird morning’s call let me get up without thinking about time and taking my breakfast.
I brought with me my laptop and some papers and was not sure if I kept all the needed things with me.
It was clear, the city was deserted and because of the call, like me, people left the city as required. I parked somewhere trying to make a call but the web was cut.

It was not mentioned on the call which road of the highway should I take.
My intuition led me to road four that led to Sans Francisco. The speed on my car’s board indicated 180Km/hour.
I drove further when I met an immense traffic jam. However, no human was driving and the cars were empty.
I started to tremble on my seat and decided to drive back. I was afraid of that; I was in a dead-end.

Albeit, a branch was seen at the left of the road and a fleche showed the direction. I thought I was lucky in following this road.
I run fast trying not looking towards these phantoms cars. The road was empty again and it led to the south, to Mexico.
I found no obstacles to drive further and crossed two thousand kilometers yet.

At the crossroad, something gigantic was trying to stop me.
The more I advanced the more the thing seemed moving and alive.
Also, the signalization plates were changed. They were all written in an atypical language.
I was frozen and my heart was in my throat when the alien ordered me to stop.

I wake up out of my breath when I hear my smartphone ringing at 6 AM.

KHBEY/290 words/The call/August/ 04/2020

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