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The pain of betrayal
She was the Warrior
and I was the Demon.
She thrust her mighty sword
into the air
and took a devious swing
into my abdomen.
I howled out in pain,
and yet she was relentless.
her sword desecrating
any vital organs
in its path.
I had never thought
this was going
to happen.
That she would turn me
into the Demon-
a creature of sorrow
and pain-
and strike
her very sword inside me.
I had thought
a Heart
was incapable of
turning black,
when it was once
healthy and vibrant.
And true faces
could not
be hidden behind a Mask.
And yet
in the present,
floating before me,
was not the warrior I had
known before.
I thought
she had seen the
real me.
The heart inside the
For I had never wanted to be
an evil Demon.
The world,
and all its flowers-
and all its rainbows-
and all its glorious green earth
made me grateful
to awaken
every morning
and see the beautiful
it had bestowed
upon us.
I adored it so.
The earthlings
of the village
were all friends of
The world was
fearsome, fearless,
spontaneous, predictable,
deathly, lively,
fair, unjust,
horrible and beautiful.
It was such
a special place to me-
I wished one day to show
how much I
loved it.
But now
I would
get that chance.
She took the final strike
into my Heart.
And all my Hopes
and Dreams
gushed out of
my torn up heart,
splattering onto the
earth below.
And thus I was
floating down onto
the comfort of the
hard ground.
She stood above me-
and smirked-
satisfied with her work.
And without so much
a second
turned and ran towards
the village,
all the while shouting out
“Hurrah! Hurrah! The Demon is dead!”
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