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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2228773
A Wannabe Cowboy takes a job that's more that he signed up for.
Part 2
It’s times like this where a normal person would be pissing their pants. Not me though, this shit was exhilarating. Makes me feel alive. The monster was coming. I could hear its growls and bone shaking steps. Coming closer and closer. I couldn’t fight it head on. I needed to hide. The castle was dark. I’ll use that to my advantage; I hid behind a large column. The room was huge like a ballroom. The monster was almost at the door at the other end of the room. Candles were scattered throughout the room. Providing dismal discomforting light. The fat-fucking-footsteps came closer. My heart was pumping, not from fear but from exhilaration. The steps were as loud as ever. It was here.
         I watched from the shadows as its claws entered the room. Then its head. It was almost invisible in the dark. Its black scaly body filled the doorway. It stepped into the room, on its 2 arms and legs. Its wings swept across its back. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a dragon, a real dragon! Like in the stories and folklore. But how? How could it be real? I’ve seen my share of wack shit, but a dragon? No one would ever believe me.
         The dragon was hunting. Hunting me. Its amber eyes were like pilot lights, scanning the room for something out of place. It moved swiftly across the room attacking a mouse. I need to move, I booked it to another column. Then another. I was getting closer to the door it came from. I was 3 columns away from the door, but then I made a mistake. My boots squeaked against the marble floor. Time seemed to stop. Before I knew it, the dragon was right behind the column looking for the source of the noise. Its head towered above me. Drool dripped from its mouth. Striking the floor next to me. I needed a distraction, another mouse, something to make him fuck off. I moved my hand to my pocket searching for something. Then I felt it. A coin. I slowly pulled it out. The dragon started to sniff, right above my head. I moved my hand and then took a deep breath.
         It all happened at once. I threw the coin, it landed, then we both ran. I booked it to the door as the dragon pounced on the coin. A ran out of the room and hid behind the open door. It wasn’t long before it realized the trick. He ran to the door and slowly entered into the hallway. Its head passed the door, it started to sniff again. Its mouth opened and was ready to eat. I needed something, anything. I still had my smith and Wesson, but what would it do against that beast. I needed something else. The walls were decorated with shields, swords, and other medieval weapons. I had my next plan. I took another breath and reached for the sword. The dragons head moved past the door his amber eyes locked on me. He roared and I slashed his eye with the sword on the wall. He screamed in agony, I dropped the sword and ran down the hall.
         As I was running, I fired my 659. The dragon was screaming in agony and breathing white fire everywhere. With my gun in hand I ran as fast as I could. I didn’t even know where I was. I was just looked for the stairs. Following the hallway, I made a right and found myself in what looked like the main entrance. Goliath doors were on my left and a grand staircase on my right. I found them, about fucking time. I ran up the carpeted stairs.

         The dragon finally caught up. I looked below and saw it in the main entryway. Its one pilot light scanning the room. Its other light bleeding heavily. I ducked and waited for it to go away. It was still there hunting me. It roared in disappointment breathing white fire everywhere, then stalked down another hallway. I laughed in my stay of execution, then continued up the stairwell. “This better be worth it”.
         I finally made it passed several flights of fucking stairs. I want to strangle the contractor of this castle. But I made it. I hope. I mean I never really knew if the princess was here, It was mainly a guess. If this isn’t it, I’m jumping out the window.
         The door was behind laser bars. The lasers where hot as hell even when I was standing two feet away. A red button laid on the wall. Big red button screams don’t press. But I mean who do you think I am? Who wouldn’t press the big red button in an abandoned castle of a foreign planet? I laid my thumb on the button and pushed. The lasers shut off. I breached the door and then was punched in the face.

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