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Love - can we compare it to investment
One fine day, I was chatting with my dad. Suddenly, we started arguing about an important thing. Actually, my sister told she will take care of my father when he gets old. I told: yes, it is our duty to take care of our parents because they have invested their love for us; so we must do it in return. My dad got annoyed and told me, what I did for you is only because of my love. He asked me, "how can you mention it as investment? ". I told, "you looked after your parents because they raised you with their love; and I think it is moreover like investment". My dad told, how do you dare to compare love with investment?. I showed my love toward my daughter as well as my parents, I think it is my duty. I am not satisfied with his answer because, my grandparents showered their love to my parents when they were kids and raised them, when my parents became adults they looked after my grandparents.
Isn't it like an investment? Because, my parents are showering their love for us. They even gave up their dreams, they spend their earnings for our sake. When I become adult, I must shower my love. I should help them, I must take care of them without any regrets. But, I can't give up dreams because my dreams are the goals of my parents.

Even if we consider it as investment we can't repay to the one who gave birth to us. Few months ago, I went to an old age home. Many old grandma's were staying there with more pains. One grandma told me that she has five sons but, none of them are ready to take care of her. She is much pain; Even after her sons ignored her she is waiting for her sons to return back to her. She only hopes for her sons to return to her and talk to her for one last time.

I can tell one thing, love cannot be considered as investment. But, at least if every daughters and sons consider that their parents have invested their love; they will be left without any option except to give back their investment.

What is your answer love / investment?
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