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Light doesn't seek to destroy, it seeks to build. My hubby's support keeps our marriage alive and his encouragement gives me the courage to face the world. It is through the building of a better world that love endures forever and hope spreads like wildfire throughout the world. That is exactly what God wants to do through us! My dedication and stubborn logic mixing with my compassionate heart worked to redefine married love in a manner that only widows and widowers completely understand. It is an ultimate expression of love and the redefinition of marriage as a timeless expression of a forever love that doesn't end which promotes sanity among widows and widowers worldwide. New beginnings bring us hopefulness. Hope comes from love and acceptance which brings strength for the journey and courage to stay the course. And that, my brothers and sisters, makes all the difference. I took the path less traveled and found in myself, the healing that could bring me back to my most loving self and most trusting heart. I may not be envied, I may not be understood, but dear ones, I will always be loved. If I favored someone, they were a shoe in for court at a formal dance. I was the person everyone loved to hate in my age's peer group.

The whole time, or all along, he was the right one for me; He was my best match in love but I am afraid of depth because that is the point in my relationships when I usually end up being hurt. Me and my hubby are the deepest bond in my life at this present time but sometimes I wish we had the marriage I desired when I married him willingly. Marriage is meant to promote a spiritual unity with your mate that reduces the urge to look elsewhere for love. One minute he was someone who cared, and the next we were husband and wife. That first Christmas I conceded to go for treatment (but my PTSD was still undiagnosed) and the act of being separated from my loved ones left me crazy. I had to be hospitalized to go out of my mind.

Prayer opens doors we thought shut us out for good. Love is a decision that causes us to desire good things on the behalf of another person. But we must also pray when we fear that God is no longer listening to us. An ordinary journey is improved by spiritual practices which allow us to thank God for our love mate who encouraged us when we felt like giving up and throwing in the towel; I asked my hubby if it was over between us after my mother attacked us for our marriage. Jesus suffered agony, betrayal, and abandonment only to rise to new life. I have suffered at the hands of fellow Christians who weren't adequately practicing their faith but Janice and George try to set the record straight and only someone outside our marriage could do that for us. This act allows us to continue to live out the love in an abundantly renewed sense of compassion which we discovered within our marriage.

Life has challenges but also moments that are worth praising God for. God's grace, the consideration of others, and courage allows us to deal with the pain of living. The wounds we suffer cause a terrible reaction in me to events that are out of my control. What other people do to my friends and family on both sides of my marriage cannot be changed without effort to promote those who have suffered because of the label: True Christians, by requiring the demotion of those sinners capable of such atrocities to the label: Atheists. I am glad for God actions in promoting my blessing in a way that includes my mate. I was traumatized due to cowardice, arrogance, anger and hatred which all seemed widespread among my enemies.

I would rather be in a climate of love than a climate of hatred because I intrinsically value God and Love. Marriage isn't about always getting your way; If that's what you think, save money: remain single. It isn't about you or me but us and we. If you think the only reason for marriage is sex, you've missed the boat. It's about having someone to witness your life. It's about growing old and growing together. It about raising up children with two role models for guiding their behavior. It's about caring enough to spend the time taking care of each other if help is necessary. It's about taking some of the pressure off of each other so that we don't collapse under the weight of our burden or cross.

It's a place where commitment shouldn't be taken for granted where loyalty is a given, and communication is necessary. If you cannot see your life without someone, the two of you should be married. Because marriages still take work, especially, when it's harder to be apart than together. When you can say to your spouse, I need you because I love you so I'd be waiting for you because until you can't let go, you haven't been committed to a lifetime marriage or the experience of True Love. This is a marriage of souls joined by love and commitment. This is what causes Widows and Widowers difficulty upon choosing another spouse. How do we surrender that which we hold most dear?

My hubby had to die to accomplish his vision of bringing heaven and earth together in one place to prove his love for me. Family will always love you – even when they struggle to understand where you're coming from, backing you up when adversity has sought you out to crush you under the weight of social pressures, and your enemies who have tried to scare you into hiding silently in plain sight. Family still cares even then. His solution to the issues of prodigy and growing old together has already been recognized by family on both our sides but we are not rushing into anything because I want to take it slowly so that we become experts on each other prior to reuniting the families through marriage over us. This often brings to us a reason or the motivation needed to lift our voices in prayer. We don't pray as we should until we are motivated to do so.

Why does there have to be so much suffering in the world? We often learn the most the hard way. Heaven is the ability to see the most precious things in our lives clearly and then by choosing to favor the Good. Why do some people lose faith in the face of suffering and others gain faith through it? Good comes as a response to evil. The questions we ask about this are the answers to them. Happiness isn't the absence of suffering but the realization that we don't suffer alone which makes the answer to suffering a personal issue requiring a personal response. God isn't the answer to Why but How we are not overcome by these. God comforts us, bandaging up our wounds, and allowing us to heal from adversity.

If a loving God doesn't exist, I cannot explain the return of my hubby. The act of sending Knox is both an act of mercy and an act of faith. There is this line in a star trek movie: I need my pain. It states pain itself is part of our identity and true healing isn't the absence of pain but how we react to it or our response to having suffered in the first place. How do we make love last in terms of happiness and permanence? How do we strengthen the bond of love when we are hurting from a fight? What is for the Greater Glory to God? What is God asking of us?

My hubby's was proud of my education but a life without him isn't a life at all. He was my one thing needed to assure my compassionate heart works as it should; our love has always been my one thing that brings me a calm that nothing else I did accomplish with ease ever did. If everything else fails, my life will still matter because the one thing I need to survive is love. If all that they can say about me when I die is “She loved and she loved well.” then so be it. When we were truly in a deplorable condition with little probability of recovery, strangers did everything in their power to insure our recovery. But in the words we chose, which we share with each other, we are building up new ground for a shared cause that some say is over a decade old. Our heart never forgets what our minds cannot remember. What gives you hope, encouraging you to dream big, giving us courage, to be brave in the face of adversity? Because so much in this world can go wrong, we must preserve the hope that comes of being loved and use it to brighten up a dismal world with the love that strengthened our resolve to huddle together when evil gave us little peace as we stood together in the mire because of each other.

Some evil actions may have indeed been caused by Christians – who confess to being God's on Sunday and then, go out into the world only to contradict the path of righteousness that they valued on Sunday in church. People in pain see the value of love. People in pain have endured a temporary death and they need to raised up to life again. Antisemitism spread like wildfire through our church prior to Vatican two. For the first time in centuries, you could own your own bible – it's reach wasn't just the leadership but church laity as well. The word of God was finally for the whole church, not just a select few. We were no longer blind sheep being lead by a more affluent leader. Why did Christianity accept the prejudices of antisemitism into the church?

Hitler proposed that the Jews were responsible for the country's ills but not just the Jews, at least 10 groups depreciated the value of humanity in terms of faithfulness to God. But wasn't Hitler an orthodox Jew – How could he turn on his people? Same beliefs, but different tradition and we still fight among ourselves. What was the Inquisition – A war that declared only one Christianity exists and all else is heresy! What about the Salem witch trials – practices or hysteria? Fear drove us to kill each other for being different. Did you know that they began as an act of vengeance by a mistress when the faithless spouse return to his nuclear family? Who are we to teach our faith at the exclusion of others? How do we know we've got it right? We aren't strong because of wealth, education, political power, superior culture, or favored location but because we have been despised, forsaken, abandoned, were lost, insignificant, and made to feel powerless. WE are loved because we suffered as we became wealthy, educated, and powerful, in spiritual matters. God favors us over those who would kill us or who wanted to kill us both and that's what a disbelieving world find unbelievable.

In these rare moments, we are also praying that our present challenges will be few because we are not design to walk alone; it takes a community to raise a child; and the fellowship of a community evens us out especially in times of strife. Knowing that a group is willing to stand in the fray with us while we are being attacked by evil makes all the difference to the inspiring of a faithful belief that in this world we are never truly alone. The presence of hopefulness alone gives us the power which naturally quiet us through the rhythms of beauty involved in the natural mysteries of the universal truths of God found in and around us. Our marriage does the same thing through gentle persuasion, and loving care which allows us the freedom to let go of past hurts stealing our hope and peace in the presence of God's Goodness. Faith is renewed in hard times by people who do indeed care what happens to us.

Meaning brings purpose to an empty existence just like love helps us get in touch with our spirituality as well as our deepest beliefs regarding our desire to do goodwill offerings of mercy and charity for a world in need. This contributes to our well-being. Meaning causes love and faithfulness to endure even during the hardest and most difficult moments of stress. We stand in the fray together and the mountains we climb don't seem so high. Suffering and stress challenges us to put our pain into a new perspective which strengthens all of our relationships. God seems distant when we struggle because the challenges are impacting not only our spirituality but the also practice of it is being challenged by adversity. God doesn't pull away; we do. Together the bearing of burdens are eased by compassionate care from our loved ones. What in this difference is made better? In the presence of everyday stress and challenges we cannot control, we experience a difference is present in our prospective. Most of those people don't know us well enough to pressure us to be more like them.

Life is eternal and love should be too; If love never dies, why should marriage end with death?

How we define a lifetime is the detail most widows and widowers are conflicted about? Love prevails in a human community where Love is the ongoing creative activity of God through which the power of love is revealed because if life never ends neither does love. Married love is both a mutual self-gift and creative self-gift. A creative self gift is uniquely personal and produces some kind of fruitfulness which isn't limited to the building up of generations through pregnancy and birth. Fundamental challenges to the nature and purposes of marriage cause couples to face many challenges to building and sustaining a strong marriage. We got married for one reason: Love. For some, the purpose of life is relational love, while for others it is the recognition of achievements. Such a couple might try to define marriage as a relational love in which our achievements are recognized by our spouse. As long as a couple is open to children, the purpose of married sex need not always be procreation. Limiting sex in marriage to the creation of children isn't fair to the couple because adding a child reduces chances of bonding between spouses by half. Yes, children can be a blessing for some and I don't doubt that, but for us, our spouse is the miracle that keeps our marriage going.

We look forward to reuniting with our loved ones on the other side. Those who have been through a near-death experience involving the eternal mention the greeting of a loved one in a location we've never imagined like this. How do we envision it? What if seeing is believing? What would life be like if we lost the ability to see? No love, no friendship, just money that we live on. How painful would that life be without a vision of the eternal destiny through which God blessed us! Heaven is a reward for those who suffer unjustly and those words indicates a separate place of torment for those who do not help others in need or an eternal separation of the righteous from the unrighteous. I want to experience heaven on earth and not be tortured for my beliefs. Many Jews were tortured and killed for their faith in Maccabees during the second century BCE; Christians were used to light up pagan parties in the first century, causing us to fear for our lives and go into hiding. That sounds familiar to me. Never be upset when you suffer because your growing pain will be rewarded and those who commit evil deeds will be punished. If we indeed have a choice between heaven and hell, I would rather suffer now than be separated from my hubby for an eternity.

What is the truth of this man I love? Society distorted the image of our marriage but a famous friend uses the arts to tell our story in glances, and in this way the messenger speaks through him. We are so much more than our caricature or the image of our combine reputations; we are a marriage with God's Blessing and the love we share brings out the best in us, allowing us the strength and courage to change the world together. Do we give up our humanity when we die or is it too integral to who we are when we are at our most loving to leave behind? Who comforts the living if not the dead? Who comforts the dead if not the living? What would love mean to this concept of couple-hood? How would you know that a second marriage is plausible? What would you expect from this marriage that you didn't ask from your first love or first spouse? I told myself that sex was only made possible through marriage but I only married once of my own freewill.

What if marriage is as definitive as it becomes when limited by corporeal life or is marriage only eternal when life is determined through the soul? What if the soul is the essential truth of the body? That would make heaven our goal and this life a foretaste of what is to come. Would you live differently knowing your spouse's soul still lives? If you saw marriage as a lifetime commitment to a mate whose soul never died, would you continue the marriage after death of the corporeal body? Who would you chose to go on with your marriage if your spouse was unavailable? We dream-fasted, but a dream is a wish that your heart makes while you are sleeping, that you might not carry through with when you are awake. A dream means your heart is involved and a thought means your mind is too, but a marriage is a commitment to love because your heart, mind and soul have been won over making action possible. Without marriage, it's pointless and that is what eventually brought on regret. My hubby believed that a heaven with me was better than one in perpetual separation from the wife that he was willing to die for. That doesn't sound fair to me – How about you?


“An ancient principal reminds us to look for salvation in the darkest, most painful parts of our lives. We emerge into the light not by denying our pain, but by walking through it. The common turn of phrase we apply to this wonderful action of grace is: that was a blessing in disguise.”
Joan Borysenko, PH.D. Guilt is the Teacher, Love is the lesson

Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist and Nazi camp survivor, wrote about prisoners who were constantly “comforting others, giving away their last piece of bread.” To him these generous souls “offer sufficient proof that everything can be taken … but one thing: the last of human freedoms – to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way.”

Our experience of dryness in prayer, then, is not merely a frustrating experience of the absent God. It is an essential experience of our identification with Jesus, who “learned obedience through suffering,” that we may acquire that “passion for God” of which Kierkegaard speaks, that passion for the father's will which possesses Jesus in St. John's Gospel.
Thomas H. Green, S. J. When the Well Runs Dry

Even the saints have had their dark hours, days and weeks. They say then that “God has left them” in order that they may know truly how utterly wretched they are of themselves, without his support.
Tito Colliander Way of the Ascetics

Eternal life is the most real to me by seeing light and feeling love which is like a taste of what heaven is like on earth. This bring about strong communities and supporters who improve our selfless altruistic tendencies. We feel encouraged until we are not only doing God's will for our lives but trying to better the world around us. Real love which endures against all odds stacked against it is the result of climbing the mountains of opposition for one moment of recognition over us. I feel that spirituality is the results of tradition and reflection but he feels that spirituality is naturally social through activities demonstrating faithfulness. As worshipers of God, followers of Christ, and theists, our vision of theology is derived from the intellect or an understanding of theological expression. My theological understanding is framed through social science, and philosophical faith convictions involved in an artistic product reinforcing the good, and strengthening your heart as you start coming to life out of darkness. My progress in spiritual development is the result of others acting to bring out my light and best self regardless of evil or its presence in the world.

It is commonly believed that when the soul separates from the body after death, that soul departs for the afterlife abandoning those who are still alive. Those who gather, hear a message of hope that their loved ones will be resurrected with their souls ascending to heaven. Today you will be with me in paradise. Today You will see me leave but yet we go to the graves to commune with our loved ones even though their souls are not there. We get so hung up on death of the body that we miss out on life of the soul. The body perishes and sometimes mourners visit the grave or keep their ashes nearby but when asked where their loved one is the typical response is in heaven, with God, or with Jesus not in its corporeal body or what remains of it. Jesus rose body and soul but He could walk, talk and eat. This was a foreshadowing of what we will be like in the future but that type of resurrection puzzles me. If our soul is the new body, why can't my hubby eat with me in this body? We retain our wounds from death but are transformed into a new healed body that is similar in life force but not the same to what most people call the living. The resurrected body of our loved ones are free from pain and suffering but remain still recognizable to us in the form of a Life that is eternal.

Spiritual blessings have a mystical source and healing prayer require a genuine message

When I focused on God, I have hope of changing the world to reflect God's Love for us as a couple but even through my efforts to follow God's leadership, He keeps encouraging me to bond deeply with my spouse. My history made me hesitant to share truths but we all want answers and our biggest question is Why. Why did this happen? Why did I get angry at other guys for misrepresenting us? Why did I blame myself for their attacks on our marriage when they acted out of a personal sense of jealousy and envy? Real love brings heaven down to earth to unite us in a sacred lesson that promotes God through love and companionship with those we love. Mercy demonstrates the honor with which we forgive the one we love. When we are forgiving, kindness overlooks our flaws to promote the hope that tomorrow will be better than yesterday. If such a love is timeless, then wouldn't it be the story of limitless love or God's Love for us. His heart jumps out at me because of his impulse to share God's love with me.

I find my heart confusing. If I truly love my hubby why do I go looking for the things I see as lacking outside my marriage? I am not living the full and compassionate life I feel God has hopes I will. The present state of my marriage would never be possible without God's approval. Honesty takes strength, But God wants us to be loving too. It takes an unlimited amount of personal strength to be loving in the face of strife and division. That's why God fulfilled my need for love, by sending the only man, who ever even exuded the proper status of hubby, from heaven that I may have the strength to love better even in the face of opposition.

When people hurt us, I feel we have little control over it. Some of my friends were thieves. Some made fun of my weaknesses. It is hard to plan for a future you don't know exists. I bend over backwards trying to include others in our lives and sometimes, I feel we come up short. I go to edit my draft and I find some of the plot is missing but I also find it reads better without those elements in my life story but the conflicts of my life that lead directly to my marriage at 17, are still there. My reasons for continuing the marriage beyond death are still there. I am trying to explain the theological aspects of my marriage and our spiritual journey toward each other.

Church shouldn't be the only place you experience the hand of the divine on your life. Loving each other with grace, gentleness, patience, courage, and appreciation leads to the comprehension of the sacredness of marriage. Couple-hood, family, and communities allows us to see God and find Him in the mundane ordinary circumstances of life together. Someone once said our life is God's gift to us but what we chose to do with it is our gift to Him. Kindness, niceness, compassion, and thoughtfulness all matter more than self-centered actions and lack of appreciation for what it is you have. The act of murder is not just the physical death of the body, but signs of spiritual emptiness and emotional disrespect which are also signs of the devil because God wants us to be loving and until we are, the devil wins.

In the midst of the mundane, we find spiritual space to pray which brings about a unique spirituality into our homes and hearts made more clear through a relationship of real love with a spouse. Everything done out of love directs us toward God through prayer whether it is with our love mate, relationships of support, or simply the compassion in a caring heart. With consistent effort, our perspective changes to bring about a more compassionate view of other people's needs, and how the world would be better place for our being a part of it. Seeing God in your mate or other supporters allows you a sense of the purpose which is driving you to keep on trying to bring the grace of God out in the world around you. What we say and do in the world as well as in our daily work reveals that God is indeed with us and still close at hand.

True Love means we should promote the existence of others in a love of another kind while bonding in an intimate manner as spouses. In existing for each other, we continue to help each other through self-giving and selfless actions on the part of our spouse for the common good of the world. United in marriage both spouses serve as a symbol of both life and love in a way that no other relationship between human beings can. This is the key to understanding our most basic of human experiences designed to allow us to comprehend ourselves in the relationship formed by Honorable Love. This kind of married love allows the Love relationship to express both love and being loved by each other in order to provide us with a reason to improve the world. In my case, such a relationship is with the opposite sex, but how we define that interaction is often the result of the status of our present love relationship. The love that is as strong as death is the love that prays and praises as it is caught up in divine love. In true married love, Love is revealed through fruits of love and a meaningful commitment to the cause of love. The presence of a fruitful marriage doesn't necessarily have to be the propagation of the species.

The depth, the intimacy, and the beauty of devotional love is made beautiful through the devotional nature of a total love of a generously personal love willingly given to the one who loves us well. Such depth is a balm to well-being aspects like courage, confidence and trust found in the gift of selfless love offered through marriage to our spouse. The nature of a complete total self-giving love between spouses causes us to offer our life for love of another, our spouse. Yet we secretly hope that it will never come to be necessary for us to give up our lives in the name of love. What is the end? How do we define it? Do we define it? Marriage is the decision to go “altar or bust” over love of spouse or the recognition of Goodness in our mate which promotes God's love for us through the formation of a relational love for each other in the face of witnesses. It is a faithful love unto death caught up in divine love in an unbreakable covenant of communion between two spouses directed to enrich God. Married Love demonstrates the redemptive power of Love when the couple refuses to abandon the cause of love to the point of death for love of spouse. Let's talk about duty. Married love should promote honor, respect, commitment, and the compassion through which we cherish each other. Our duty is to love our spouse as oneself not just be manipulated into sex simply for the sake of a marriage contract alone. That's selfish and our duty is to be selfless in love.

Marriage is designed to complete one person through the experience of love with our spouse by which we were destined to proclaim a union of complete persons through the act of committed love with another. Marriage between two spouses completes the other through a selfless giving of love for the benefit of the other spouse. Completion through another is a reflection of a married love which is completed through God. This type of love doesn't mean we have to be homosexual. The true nature of the relationship between leader and follower or communion with another is designed for a greater purpose than the conception of offspring and this output is also seen as a fruit produced by marriage. Then honoring the leadership causes us to be acting out our Goodness in the face of God. Real love points to our true nature when our spouse brings out the best in us by promoting the actions of our true nature. It is a relationship of love that commits to love us forever in a love that is a two way reciprocation imitating the love that never ends. A friendship with Mitchell imply our association with our mates which provides something the relationship with each other does not. Fidelity promotes an eternal or forever love through the framework of a bond developed in our love relationships. Love joins two wills together under the banner of one love. For this reason alone divorce shouldn't be entered into lightly.

Marriage inspires prayer and healing by reducing the impact life's hurts on our system

My prayers are often need-based expressions but sometimes I fail to pray for fear that God will be merciful to the wrong person. I screamed a prayer once but my mother came right away to check on me. I doubt God had the power to control my enemies actions and sometimes I want my own way even when it isn't really the right mate. I was my hubby's first stop on the way to God. I always thought the truth could set you free but the truth is the purpose of my devotion to my hubby post-death. My hubby is the compassionate one who stood by me in the face of darkness that desired to take my life from me several times. I hold onto my pain, which causes indignant anger, and impacts my health. I compare myself to women I see as a complication that might want to take him away and I often ask myself self-consciously if they really could steal him from me. My hubby does the same thing with the guys I notice to determine if they are a threat to my recovery. We both agree love needs to be honest and loyal but togetherness is the result of friendship or companionship with acceptance, respect and trust. That is what makes our marriage great – acceptance, respect, and being deemed trustworthy in love.

Sex is only a top priority in 10% of marriages and the other 90% feel that whether sex is ideal is mostly as a result of an acceptable adjustment and accommodation. You take emotional risks, You face physical problems like pregnancy and Disease, you get swept away and lose control all in the name of love. In the 1990ies, AIDS cases had risen 40% in the first two years among teens. A little more than half of teens feel that abstinence should be mentioned in health class and over 3/5 of teens reject the concept of safe sex because it relabels sex as a casual act. When pregnancy is demonstrated, the numbers drop 75%. How did sex get acquainted with real love in a manner that promotes multiple partners and early pregnancy over waiting for marriage? Sex is not just about a physical act but a connection of body and soul with the heart and our feelings through a basic need for intimacy and connectedness which forms through a committed love match. Love wanes but commitment rarely does. Sex improves as the relationship persists and we should be slow to call sex: the carnality of closeness. Sex should be chosen with care. Romance is not limited to sexual encounters and sex is best when reserved for marriage. Once you start drawing closer, it's hard to stop and the true test of limits comes after you make a mistake by surpassing them.

You cannot hardly win because you defend someone with words, you get detention but you fight back against a threat, you get suspended or expelled. Choose wisely because committed love means looking your mate in the eye and admitting when you could be wrong. Maturity causes couples to wait to express themselves sexually. Marriage is designed to allow sex to be preformed in the consolation of longevity or a forever love for life. If life never ends than neither does marriage. I am one of the 90% who feel sex improves over time and marriage is the proper place in time for it. Sex is best with someone you love whose promised to stay forever so that your love can take you into an eternity where something as simple as a kiss or holding hands counts for something. Love is a gift to our beloved given without pressure, manipulation, grasping, and desire for returns. True love is generous and willing to die for love of another because anything one sided hurts your mate unintentionally by being the wrong course of action. There is nothing casual about sex, because until a woman bonds she won't give her body away.

We live in a culture where self gratification, even in marriage, trumps enjoyment of our unified experience or dishonors the value of waiting for marriage to have sex in the first place. Sex always complicates things, even in marriage, and to define sex as a activity of daily living or marital chore removes the concept of intimacy as a loving exchange of mutual affection for any act such as this. We talk too much about man's needs - what about woman's needs! Must we always conform to men's ideas of what constitutes viable sex which often reduces the dignity of the wife during such acts which you deem as purely procreative in a society which excludes a group or minority without offering them an avenue to express commitment to a mate for the purpose of a lifetime love. Polygamy and multiple partnerships simultaneously hurt our ability to trust our partner or mate to develop a relationship demonstrating honor, reliability, and security. In doing so, we reduce the prevalence of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases from invading the beds of exclusive couples. Such couples demonstrate more honor than the alternative.

Children or not: spouses need to love each other for an eternity because of the ways that we follow God's design for love. A marriage where we become a representation of God's love to our spouse through the nature of real love is more important than prodigy. Reserving sex for marriage causes the more secular Christians to label us homosexual for having Christian values as we continue obeying God's plan for couple-hood or Christian dating and marriage. Too many marriages believe that duty trumps passion. Duty is sex because of the contract of marriage – it's time to redefine the contract to reduce martial rape. What if we truly considered each other's passion level every time we suggest intimacy in the bedroom to our spouse? Love at its best is bliss caused by the harmony of a balanced decision that promotes respect and honor in the bedroom, making marriage both respectful and honorable. A marriage where duty trumps love in the bedroom always causes someone to get hurt. Sex should never be coerced by demand, shame, and guilt trips caused by the term conjugal duty. Do we use birth control to control the outcome of sex or for some other reason like reducing painful periods, anemia, or length of being uncomfortable? No woman wants a two week period and birth control doesn't prevent periods completely, but causes them to normalize.

But how do same-sex couples promotes a union of opposites? How do we relate to the concept of single parenting if this is a norm that is the definitive measure of the ability to be effective parents? I agree two parents are less stressed by parenthood than single parents but in a world that allows sex to be causal, without any sign of commitment, the incidence of single parents is on the rise. If single parenthood is the most common expression of parenthood in today's world, should we promote casual selection of a helpmate to change its dynamic into two parent families? The spousal and familial model you describe is now a rare family design. It isn't prominent anymore. I wish it was. Two mates together reduce life's issues and struggles by half instead of the single parent model which leaves a woman or man without an acceptable method of meeting our human need for intimacy in love. It's not about about discrimination, injustice, inequality, and promotion of civil rights; it is about promotion of human maturity in whatever form love takes to view two together as better than one alone. Yet our supportive ministry of love should not impinge on our right to define our preference in type of mate for ourselves. Must we reduce love to the label roommate and buddy. Friendship is important in any type of exclusive relationship because love is not a constant emotional feeling of the love involved within any exclusive coupling.

Domestic abuse or an abusive spouse develops an environment where love doesn't thrive. An abusive marriage is a condition where the endurance of love has been challenged in a manner which causes tragedy to ascend on the church committed to offering all couples support and assistance. We understand the pain of those contemplating divorce because it seems like the only present option they haven't considered. Encouraging subsequent marriages as a valid form of love brings an abused wife or hubby hope but requires seeking counsel about options to remedy the situations that caused the first marriage to implode. My hubby tried to meet my needs in an unorthodox way. I thought he was approving a choice but he was trying to show me why it wouldn't work. My hubby believes “Seeing is believing” but I only feel it is sometimes true. The pain it would put my spouse through is also a factor in my choice. His was a decision to begin which I accepted on our wedding day; now the choice is mine and whatever I decide he has to live with it. I need to know what he views as our achievements in this marriage before I can even think of trying again. That is what the enforcement of his Last Will and Testament will do for me.

Hateful people don't adapt to change and there-by tend to lose love because true love adapts to change, molding conditions to produce a more positive experience of love in conjuncture with another person. This is why Love appeals to most people because everyone secretly fears being alone and vulnerable to spiritual death. In Portugal, 20 people wrote Paul fan letters about Knox and me but of those claiming to see us realistically, only five were truthful. Paul needed help to pick them out of the stack. When he called Heaven, Linda brought Knox to him. He filed the other 15 but kept those five close to his heart. Paul says, “The idea is OUT THERE because your heart is already taken, so it's better not to ask!”

I am grieved at doing the wrong thing in love but forever is a long time and an eternity of love appeals to me more than starting completely over with someone new; still I smile because I am content in believing that someone rang those bells for me: for us – someone who does indeed care about us, all of us united in one purpose. The term Christian is an identity most people are inspired by but the presence of temptations and tests in life make being Christian a challenge that only the strong continue to pursue honestly. So many want the status of the statement “I am a Christian” or “I believe that God loves me!” but Faith isn't just a status, it's a quest to better ourselves, a journey with heaven as a destination, and a path we work to attain daily. God, like our mate, wants to be asked to come to our aid but true love doesn't need to be asked to help us out. It's as near as the air we breathe: sustaining, energizing, and healing us. God is present with us and for us – like our soul mate who bidden or unbidden, takes the time to be here.

What heaven is, who goes there, what heaven is like, or what form a person takes is as personal as Paintings, poems, novels, films, and works of nonfiction describing heaven as a place. Heaven could be a place of Peace, beauty, and eternal rest in the embrace of divine love. Many cartoons, Jokes and even some movies use imagery of clouds and pearly gates often to depict those in heaven as numbering the stars with winged angels to describe heaven's community of saints. The advent of telescopes, satellites, and space exploration destroyed the notion of such a place being above us as being an actual place in the sky where souls of the dead go to live forever. Most modern theologians describe heaven as a beautiful state of being rather than an actual place. With no concept of heaven, the dead were gathered to their people (genesis 25:8) and went to sleep with their ancestors (I kings 2:10, 11:43) by going to a shadowy, cavern like underworld called sheol (Genesis 37:35; 2 Samuel 22:6) But Sheol was not hell, nor was it a place of reward.

Enoch and Elijah were taken up to heaven without dying but there is no explanation for where they went. Elijah restored life to the widow of Zarephath's son (1 kings 17:17-24); Elisha brought the Shunammites woman's son back to life (2 Kings 4:8-37) yet these resuscitation were not the same as permanent resurrection to eternal life and presumably, those people would die again someday. In Ezekiel, Dry bones come back to life (Ezekiel 37) and we find a clear reference to resurrection in Daniel (Daniel 12:2-3). Through the Groaning of the Holy spirit, we wait for fulfillment (Romans 8) but how is that fulfillment describe by us? What do you need to be whole? Is Knox's vision even possible? Jesus is believed by many to be coming in a cloud when the living and the dead meet him but it doesn't say they ascend to the heavens because they may indeed stay on earth (1 Thessalonian 4: 13-18).
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