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My own thoughts on a summer without anything.
This entire summer has been the equivalent of a simple box: Very nice to look at, but very empty on the inside. I mean, think about that: We have just faced a first, and hopefully only, summer in which nothing, I mean, NOTHING, has ever happened-No summer movie premieres, no music festivals, no concerts, no fairs (except for the one that has happened in my home state of Delaware), no comic book conventions, no pool parties, no weddings, no parades, no nothing-Absolutely zero, zilch, nada. This summer has been especially very empty, and I very much doubt that we would ever have a repeat again.
I am hoping that it would also be a summer in which I have been out of work: I have been furloughed from my job as a food service cleaner at Sodexo for ServiceSource back in March; I had been hoping to get an early word on when I would finally be returning to work, in which I did, back in June. Unfortunately, I did not get that word, and then suddenly I would receive another word that my furlough would be extended at least until August 31st, unless something changes, which I doubt would mean finally be going back to work or that my furlough would be much longer.
Ever since being furlough from my job, I had been missing all of the wonderful fun events that they have been having at the base, and they have been having those events at the Air Force Base earlier this year, long before the pandemic was declared and had changed everything. Among the events that I had missed was the Summer Lunch Luau, which was held in the first week of summer, I think. When I was at my job last year, I saw the employees wearing leis and such, and while I was having lunch, I watched them play the limbo game and having fun. Now, it just is not the same with the pandemic still ongoing. I wish that I could have fun with those at-work events had it not for that stinkin’ health crisis…

And to tell you the truth, I do not know what the coming days and weeks, as well as months, are going to hold with this pandemic being a very fluid event right now. I am just a little worried and scared at the same time. Still, I push on, regardless. I miss my co-workers, I miss my volunteer work at ReadAloud, and I even miss all of those events that my home of Dover, Delaware used to have, and that I would love to have enjoyed the excitement of those events had it not been for this pandemic. Unfortunately, with everything canceled and with some stores closed and as much more COVID-19 cases than one could possibly count, this has certainly been the most empty summer that I have ever witnessed, or would ever witness, in all of my life.
And do you want to know something else? This pandemic would not ever have happened if only our President had listened to the dire, important warnings, and then followed the orders of the officials instead of ignoring those warnings while playing golf and only thinking about himself. Indeed, our President is the most incredibly worst and horrible President that we ever had in this great country of ours. It is very well time that we vote him out and choose an all-new President, one who would lead our country to a much better recovery, and hopefully to a much better life.
Meanwhile, I hope that by next year, we would have those summer events back: We would have our fairs back, our concerts back, our music festivals back, our pool parties back, and hopefully ALL of our summer celebrations back. Yes, I hope that we can all have everything in our lives back by next year…
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