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Diverse love unite in a place
When I was a kid, we moved to a small town which is far away from our home town. We lived in a rented home. First house in that row was our landlord's home, second is our home and in the third home a Muslim family dwelled there. There were lots of kids living in that street. Our landlord is Hindu, and we are Christians and our neighbor was Muslim . How will you feel? If your neighbors are from different religions.

In our country many festivals are celebrated. So, we enjoyed many holidays to celebrate the festivals. I was the naughtiest kid in that street. Our landlord loved my Childish characters. His love was showered in the form of chocolates and sweets. Year starts with New Year, it is celebrated everywhere. Next celebration is our harvesting festival, we made pongal in our street. We, kids stand in the first line not only as respect but also to eat that yummy pongal without fail. Famous Diwali festival of Hindu's, will be filled with bursting sounds and lights. As I mentioned, I was naughty. My mom always refused to buy me some crackers . Do you think I would have left her without getting crackers.Never, I as a kid used shout and cry so that my neighbors would take pity on me. Our landlord always used to buy a box of crackers for me. Diwali is always filled with extreme level of happiness.

Muslims celebrate Ramzan festival. I don't have much knowledge about theif festival, but they are very good in making food and rich in love. For ID festival they used to make yummy food Briyani. One best part is they will share it to their neighbors. Especially our neighbor aunt was always caring and she used to make special dishes for me. No wonder, we kids always wait for those festivals.

What about Christmas?
That is the main festivals of Christians. Me as a kid, I was flying in the air. Guess my thoughts, I would be waiting for Santa Claus to receive gift, Christmas carols, shoppings, preparing for dance are the best part of Christmas. We made many sweets in our house to provide it to the whole street. I distributed sweets and cakes; we exchanged wishes with our wonderful smiles.
These are the main festivals.

There are still lots of festivals, There are Tamil new year, Krishna jayanthi, Easter, ulavar thirunal etc.. Harvesting festival differs according places.
We belonged to different religions but together in love. We Prayed for others, we shared our foods. I feel that was the golden days of my life. Because, our hearts are tied up together with love. We are not relatives, we are bonded with love. Yet, I don't know whether I will meet them again;
Because it's been fourteen years since we parted from that far away town.

Do you have such experience?
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