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A short essay for a college Journalism course on branding.

         Many brands over time need to redesign and rebrand to keep the company fresh and alive. No matter how long the company has been around a new look always tells people that there is still life in the company and that they are still hard at work. Some companies rebrand to allow for growth and expansion like Spectrum Health. Others rebrand to reflect their company commitment's like Quick Chek's commitment to fresh convenience. Some rebrand for simpler purposes like Hot Wheel's redesign of their logo to fit better on their cars. For this paper, I'm going to focus on Starbuck's and Kleenex that both rebranded for more cleaner looks and with more personal messages.          
         Starbuck's had attempted a redesign in 2008 that failed. According to workdesigngroup.com it was possibly an attempt to appeal to the hipster movement. But the rebrand failed in all aspects. Starbuck's logo had become so well known for its cleaner design and green colors than a complete overhaul to the old design would be difficult.
         Starbucks redesigned their siren logo in 2011 to remove the band with their name. A risky move, but Starbucks's name has become so synonymous with the logo it was no longer necessary to have the name with the logo. The new logo is now cleaner and without the constricting band, now blends into the white cup. It makes the cup seem more personal than before without a company name accompanying it.
         Packaging and other merchandise have also reflected the simplistic change, relying mostly on just green and white colors and the simple logo. As workdesigngroup.com states in their blog post, the branding has carried over into all departments of Starbucks from their online website to their gifts.
         Kleenex rebranded and updated their logo with a slight upward arc and a darker color. Christine Mau the Brand Design Director at Kimberly Clark said the redesign "increases the perception that the brand is up-to-date, cheerful, and innovative." (Wheeler 96). Even a company so synonymous with a product like facial tissue needs to revitalize its image to continue to stay relevant and advertise its goals.
         In June of 2015 Kleenex began a campaign called "Time for Change" that began with a commercial of a young girl being comforted by a young boy by offering her Kleenex. Digiday.com stated that, according to Socialbakers, Kleenex received 1.1 million interactions across its social media channels in response to its campaign. 6 times the usual traffic. The campaign grew even more as one of the videos titled "Unlikely friends" had nearly 28 million views after 2 weeks. Kleenex continued to expand into social media showing that a company nearly 100 years old can continue to revitalize and rebrand their image.

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