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by Bihxy
Rated: E · Article · Melodrama · #2229354
an outburst of how I feel right now in this crisis
Sitting on my stool watching the chickens run about, the rooster trying trying to make out with the clearly uninterested hen, I can't help but think about the post virus life. Life which the scientists are calling "the new normal" definitely won't be normal for me. The pandemic has shown how helpless human beings can be even with a million dollars in your account or the joke of coins we call savings under the bed, A very expensive ferrari or enduring the uncomfortable ride on the bus/train with stuffy air, annoying passengers and err sweaty armpits.

During the lockdown we have all learnt our worth - we are a bunch of helpless beings awaiting a miracle from a more superior being.Well, aside from the hopelessness of the situation, I cannot help but miss the "before" life. Online life has become the order of the day but we must admit it is boring and extremely repetitive. Zoom, online restaurants, online concerts,TV church...and many other jokes are what we depend on. In all sincerity,certain things simply cannot be substituted by the Internet and I must say I miss them dreadfully.

I miss going for weddings and rolling my eyes at the mismatched couple, texting through speeches and unsuccessfully trying to calm down my stomach enzymes at the smell of the long awaited food. I miss going to church where I listen to the ear damaging choir singing out their souls and listening to priest's sermon. I miss sitting in a bus and secretly cursing the lowlife who insists on farting the whole ride as if in cahoots with my window that is always jammed. I miss walking down the streets while feigning confidence when my tights begin lowering themselves!

Honestly, there is nothing I miss more than school. I miss the unnecessary drama from the kardashian wannabes and the meals with questionable ingredients.All now but a distant memory. The funny thing about this whole situation is how it started as a big joke, memes, tiktoks and mask selfies that rocked the internet. Instagram handles were dramatized to things like quarantine queen, mask man, sanitizer gal ,dettol-devil...to mention but a few. Now that reality has set in the memes aren't as funny and the patience as well as the sanitizer is running out. Dear scientists , please spare us the pain of psychological torture of using big words like "the new normal" .The old one was just fine.

Yours in pen,

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2229354-Thinking-out-loud-The-Premiere