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News on preventing and fighting the pandemic
There is good news from health professionals around the world, there are ways to prevent and minimise the causes and spread of pandemics.

Dr Gauden Galea of the "World Health Organization" announced recently that "As long as people eat meat there is going to be some risk of infection." Also in Britain, many health professionals have endorsed a plant-based diet as a preventative measure against future pandemics. Consultant Haematologist at King’s College Hospital, Dr Shireen Kassam, said that "Another disease outbreak was inevitable if we do not move towards a plant-based diet."

Doctors have generally agreed that increasing our intake of fresh fruits and vegetables strengthens the human immune system to fight against illnesses.

Scientists have also recorded that a vegetarian diet reduces the risk of most cancers significantly. A German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg.studied a group of 1,904 vegetarians for five years, the agency noted that only 36 died from cardiovascular problems—a mortality rate 80 percent lower than average in the Federal Republic of Germany. Deaths due to breast, prostate, and intestinal cancers were also rare," says "Asiaweek".

Not only do plant-based diets improve health and fight diseases but it is also critical to saving our beautiful planet. Britain's Oxford University scientists reported that "A global switch to diets that rely less on meat, and more on fruit and vegatables, could save up to 8,000,000 lives by 2050 and reduce greenhouse gas emmissions by two thirds."

I can testify to the power of the plant-based diet. I have been a vegetarian and then vegan for most of my life. Now in my late 50s, I have never had any serious illness and I am very fit. Everyone I know who is of a similar age to me is on some kind of medication, My recovery rate from both illness and injury is very fast. In a recent health check, my GP informed me that my heart was so healthy that is could be used as a model heart in a health magazine.

So, if you want to live longer and enjoy a healthier life, and you care about our planet, why not try a plant-based diet?

Good health to you.

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