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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2229550
A Nuclear Incident shocks the world but others see it as a positive change.
If you could change your future, what would you change? Some people would change their fate, some would change themselves. For Amy Swinton, her fate would change after the accident.

Amy Swinton, a small petite girl with an aptitude for science. Her grades impressed everyone, her personality melted the hearts of young men around her yet she could never find a lover, a mate so to speak. Throughout most of her formative years this never really phased her, however in adulthood, the lovers ballpark she desired what she never experienced...

Amy’s successes spanned across her academic years and eventually she went to a prestigious university where she studied Nuclear Physics. The idea of a Photons, Fusion, Fission attracted her budding mind into pursuing the subject as a full-time career. She graduated the University of Geneva with a Masters in Nuclear Physics and instantly found a job so she work to pay off that gargantuan student debt.


‘ July 28th 2020, 5:30AM ‘

The alarm rang with a trilling marimba echoing throughout the small Swiss studio apartment, the slow duckling figure of Amy Swinton began to crawl out of the bed and slap the phone into a submissive state.

This is how mornings were for Amy Swinton, a painful monotonous cycle of something that will never end. She stumbled into the small kitchen and made a bowl of cereal and glumly ate it while she thought about the up come 12 hour boredoms that were her job.
While yes Amy did get a job at a nuclear facility, she got a job as a meek receptionist, as scarce as they are no one wanted to employ a fresh seedling of a physicist straightaway. It’s just the way the world is.

After munching down a bowl of sugar coated squares, she ran to her bedroom and stumbled into an outfit suitable for work and wandered into the unknown.

She arrived at work and glumly sat at her desk greeting all her male compatriots, (some less accomplished than her). This is how life was 6 months she got her degree and she’d never even seen the reactor core or even done anything more complex than filing some documents and signing for packages.

As the night began to call the weak to rest, Amy stayed at work finishing what she hadn’t filed from the day. Scientists rushed out to go to their wives and husbands but Amy had other plans. She planned to go ask out James, the security intern who manages the reactor at night. Both of them were socially awkward introverts but she would make the move.

As she stumbled closer to the core, she wandered into the danger zone and called James to her, the muttered the words “would you like to go out on a- a - date?” But just as James could say yes, an unfamiliar third wheel interjected with it being the core overload alarm, sirens blared, red lights flashed and James instinctively pushed Amy towards the exit, he couldn’t bare to see his only love interest however as they both bolted for exit the door automatically locked and in a macabre of light, the radiation filled the room...


‘ July 29th 2020, 10:03AM ‘

Amy eyelids slowly opened as she stared at the bright light being shone from the LED bulb hanging above her. Eight, no, twelve doctors ran into the empty room and began to take her vitals, she tried to recall how she got here but she couldn’t remember a thing.

The doctors briefed her on the incident and how there was no trace left of James yet she was one of few survivors. She took the news on the cuff and asked for some privacy as all of the doctors bustled out of the room.

She got up from the bed with relative ease and went to go wash her hands, as she washed them she looked in the mirror, the blemishes on her skin slowly disappeared and her skintone began to tan itself. Like any sane human being she jolted back and began to assess the situation however her brain put it down to her being in the hospital after a nuclear fricking explosion. As she finished drying her hands she felt a sharp pain in her stomach and knelt over and clutched it, she lifted her shirt up and on her sun soaked skin her body began to get tighter and more muscular, six thick ridges of pure muscle began to protrude out of her stomach and show off what would take most women a lifetime to achieve. She stared at the changes taking place, her skin tightened, her face became more youthful and symmetrical, her coarse brown hair turned into the silky hair of a model, her breast began to rise and perk up after being eternally saggy. Her butt began to jut out and fill with thick hard muscle that she could control at will.

She grabbed the emergency bell and the doctor came running in and she explained the changes her body went through yet according to the doctor she always looked like this, she lunged for her handbag and pulled out her drivers license and was in awe at how the picture had changed to photogenic model’s portrait.

The doctor had enough of her mind games and prescribed her some sleeping pills and sent her home but her night would get even weirder.

She got in a taxi and demanded they take her to her apartment, the taxi driver obliged for such a beautiful woman yet in place of her apartment block was a lavish house, with terracotta tiles and two sports cars parked outside. She stood in awe and scolded the driver for taking her to the wrong address until she read the plaque on the outside ‘Swinton Manor’. Rightfully assuming that it was her apartment she stumbled in an gawked at the prospect of owning such a property. Her brain began rushing through all the possibilities at maximum overdrive but as she did that she heard a gust of wind arrive at the upstairs balcony.

As she ran upstairs she saw the missing man.
Scrawny as ever yet floating in the sky like a helicopter.
“Do you like your new life?” He stated to her in a commanding deep voice nothing like his prior voice.
“The blast did wonders for me, it gave me the ability to alter reality so I made myself a God” he said calmly.
Amy was lost for words, she could’ve have expected this and just stared at his scrawny body embellished with a golden chain around his neck
“What? You don’t like it? Here let me become something you deem worthy.”

As he said this his hair begins to become thick and blonde and his jawline begins to become as chiselled as a Greek statue. His arm gripped his white button-up shirt and tore it off with an unbelievable force and she could see his heart pounding through his ribcage but before she could point it out, his pectorals began to inflate and become wide and thick, his abs began to poke out and adorn his body. His arms filled up like balloons as he flexed.

He was perfect, not too muscular that he was overblown but muscular enough to show that he is a God. Amy began to feel sweaty as her sexual desires came true.


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