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yes i have a 5ds deck to, and i have a zexal deck to but it is a custom archetype
i wanted to do a duel with astral after i watched a youtube video with having a duel with Atem and i couldn't think of anybody else for him to duel,i also removed the numbers can only be destroyed by numbers rule for this game, also if anybody wants me to right a duel with my zexal deck i will give it a try, i will have a lank to the youbute video after i am done writing the duel, also there will be a few rule screws ups in this duel and i will let them slide this once, actually alot of rule breaking things happen in this duel, so just warning you about that.

i draw and i use the spell tuning to add quick draw synchron from my deck to my hand and i then get to mill 5 cards that seem to be hidden, i then summon fortress warrior (lvl 2 ATK 600 DEF 1200) in defence mode, i then end my turn with setting 4 cards.
astral hand 5, lp 4000
my hand 1, lp 4000

astral draws and he special summons toy knight (lvl 4 ATK 200 DEF1200) from his hand since i control a monster, he then plays the spell solid overlay, the spell can be used for an xyz summon of a rank 4 xyz monster, he then xyz summons using solid overlay and toy knight to bring out number 39: utopia (rank 4 ATK 2500 DEF2000 oru 2), he then uses the spell Double-Rank-Up-Magic Utopia Force to summon from his extra deck Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory ( rank 5 ATK 2800 DEF 2500 oru 1) and Number 39: Utopia Beyond ( rank 6 ATK 3000 DEF 2500 oru 1), then both of the original utopias overlay units are moved to the overlay units of beyond and victory, victory attacks fortress warrior and fortress warrior doesn't die due to its effect, beyond attacks but i use the effect of necro gardna in my grave to negate the attack, the original utopia attacks and destroys fortress warrior and astral chains to this destruction the quick play spell Rank-Up-Magic Dark Force to send the original utopia to the grave and bring out Number C39: Utopia Ray V (rank 5 ATK 2600 DEF 2000 oru 0) in attack mode and Number 25: Force Focus ( rank 6 ATK 2800 DEF 2400 oru 0) in defence mode, he then uses the quick play spell grave chaos to summon Number C39: Utopia Ray (rank 4 ATK 2500 DEF 2000 oru 0) from his extra deck with its effects negated, he then uses the effect of utopia beyond to banish force focus to revive the original utopia and regain 1250 life points, utopia ray v attacks me directly but i use the face down defence draw letting me draw 1 card by stopping all the battle damage of its attack, utopia ray attacks me directly and i use my face down scrap iron scare crow to negate the attack with my scrap iron setting itself back face down, the original utopia attacks me directly and deals me damage, astral plays the spell xyz treasure letting him draw 5 cards since 5 xyz monsters are on the field but i chain my trap appropriate which lets me draw 2 cards every time astral draws a card with and effect,so i get to draw 2 cards, astral end his turn with setting 4 cards.
astral hand 1, lp 5250
my hand 4, lp 1500

i draw and i special summon level warrior (lvl 3 ATK 300 DEF 600) from my hand as a level 4 since astral controls a monster and i don't, i then special summon card breaker (lvl 2 ATK 100 DEF 900) from my hand by destroying astral's face down card, i then special summon quick draw synchron (lvl 5 ATK 700 DEF1400) from my hand by discarding jutte fighter from my hand, i then then tune quickdraw synchron with card break and with the effect of quick draw synchron he counts as nitro synchron for this synchro summon, so i synchro summon nitro warrior (lvl 7 ATK 2800 DEF 1800), i then use the spell warrior returning alive to return jutte fighter to my hand and with the effect of nitro warrior it gains 1000 attack, i then normal summon jutte fighter ( lvl 2 ATK 700 DEF 900) and use its ability to move utopia ray to defence mode, i then tune jutte fighter with level warrior to synchro summon mighty warrior (lvl 6 ATK 2200 DEF 2000), i then use my face down miracle locus to give mighty warrior and extra 1000 attack and a second attack this turn but astral gets to draw 1 card, but with the effect of appropriate i can draw 2 cards, mighty warrior attacks and destroys utopia beyond and deals 200 battle damage but with the effect of mighty warrior astral takes damage equal to half the original attack of the destroyed monster so astral takes an extra 1500 damage, making astral have 3550 life currently, mighty warrior attack and destroys utopia ray victory to deal 400 battle damage and 1400 more points of effect damage makings astral have 1750 life points left, nitro warrior then attacks and destroys utopia ray v and deals 1200 damage making astral have 550 life points left, and with the effect of nitro warrior utopia ray moves to attack mode and nitro warrior can attack it but astral uses the face down heat and heal to make astral gain life points equal to utopias attack power and it becomes on of utopias overlay units, so astral has 3050 life but nitro warrior deals 1300 damage making his life 1750 but when utopia ray is destroyed astral uses the quick play spell Rank-Down-Magic Utopia Fall to xyz summon Number 39: Utopia Roots (rank 1 ATK 500 DEF 500 oru 1) using utopia ray as an overlay unit, i end my turn with setting 1 card.
astral hand 2, lp 1750
my hand 1, lp 1500

astral draws and he uses the spell Hyper-Rank-Up-Magic Ultimate Force to turn the original utopia into Number 99: Utopic Dragon (rank 10 ATK 4000 DEF 2000 oru 1) and with the effect of ultimate force it becomes utopic dragons overlay units, he then plays the equip spell number fortification to utopia roots to give it 1500 extra attack and he then attachs number 32: shark drake and number 62: galaxy eyes prime photon to roots as its overlay units, he then uses the spell guard robe exchange on roots to give it another 500 attack points, he then uses the effect of utopic dragon to revive utopia beyond from the grave, utopic dragon then attacks my nitro warrior but i use my face down scrap iron scarecrow to negate the attack, utopia beyond then attacks and destroys nitro warrior dealing me 200 damage, roots then attacks and destroys my mighty warrior dealing me 300 more damage and astral then uses his face down overlay accel to detach prime photon from roots to let it attack once more, so roots attacks me directly but i use the trap card call of the haunted to revive nitro warrior from the dead, astral ends his turn with setting 1 card.
astral hand 0, lp 1750
my hand 1, lp 1000

i draw and i then use the spell reinforcement's of the the army to add junk synchron from my deck to my hand and with the effect of nitro warrior it gains 1k attack, i then normal summon junk synchron (lvl 3 ATK 1300 DEF 500 to revive fortress warrior, i then tune junk synchron with fortress warrior to synchro summon x saber wayne (lvl 5 ATK 2100 DEF 400) and with the effect of wayne i can summon comrade swordsman of landstar (lvl 3 ATK 500 DEF 1200) from my hand, i then tune comrade with wayne to synchro summon colossal fighter (lvl 8 ATK 2800 DEF 1000) and since there are 11 warriors in both grave yards(i think, it is hard to count the attack power for colossal fighter without cards in front of me to look at,also one of the milled cards in turn 1 was a warrior), so colossal fighter has 3900 attack, nitro warrior attacks roots and destroys it dealing 1300 damage making astral have 450 life points, so colossal fighter gains 200 attack since roots was a warrior and roots had utopia ray as an overlay unit who was a warrior, colossal fighter attacks utopia beyond but astral uses the face down battle break to destroy my colossal fighter, i end my turn.
astral hand 0, lp 450
my hand 0, lp 1000

astral draws and uses the ability of his utopic dragon to revive utopia ray victory, he then attacks nitro warrior with utopic dragon but i use my scrap iron scare crow, utopia beyond then attacks and destroys nitro warrior dealing me 200 damage, utopia ray then attacks me directly for game
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