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Forward to the future poetry book. Our end is in our beginning!
Writing is such a refreshing profession. Where in the world could a person be given the freedom to do whatever they are capable of to an empty page? There is no better job than creating and growing things with endless possibilities. These poems are the results of years of experience of learning from mistakes and approaching a refined style of writing. Once I have been in that place where everything I write could only be described as some three year old’s rumbling in struggle to find enough language. It took enormous hours of reading and rereading, Writing and rewriting to finally be able to attain a tasteful style of writing.

The works that I previously published did not live to see such acceptance from their audience. But I privilege them for the lessons each one of them taught me. Little by little, a little improvement showed as I polished my skills and discovered that personality in me that is artistic and colorful enough to write beautiful literature. It’s amusing that I remain displeased with every piece I write to this day. I struggle to let go of a work and label it as final because there is always some room for improvement. I never once remember a time that I was completely satisfied and proud of my final writing. How blessed is the writer that can portray the intensity of the story that is told in her heart, the vividness of the characters, the life that is lived in that imaginary world, the breath breathed: just as precise as they are felt in the heart. Blessed is the writer that can put down every bit of feeling, thought and atmosphere that she sees in the eyes of her mind. I did not once feel that I was ready to publish. As my early work got out and my readers reviewed and criticized it I realized how raw it was.

I feel overwhelmingly indebted to my readers who criticized my work. I have been able to take in the criticism and improve continually. It was indeed a long walk from a pale writing to a vivid and lively writing, couched by my readers and critics that helped shape the poet I am today. I plan to thank them with even more refined work of literature in the following years. These poems are my reflections on the simple and ordinary moments of our everyday life that sum up to take an era in our lives. I have taken the position of both an outsider and insider in these moments to tell their beautiful story. It is my deepest wish that as you read them they enrich and bless your ordinary and not so ordinary moments to come.
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