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A metaphor mirroring colorful ties and life.
Colorful ties

Every moment has its feeling and every feeling radiates color. I imagine a building full of men wearing colorful ties. A black tie with red stripes, a blue one with white dots, a yellow one with roses, purple tie, silver tie, green tie, dark ties, bright ties,.... As life presents its many faces so do ties.

One is happier, another sadder. As in life one is at first a baby growing into energetic and ambitious youth, then recessing to old age. Ties can be as fresh as morning dew colored bright rainbows and leafy greens depicting youth. Ties can mirror decay and withering, painted distressed gray.

There comes time in life in which we celebrate a victory with flying colors. There also comes a time to experience the most dreaded and sour feelings drawn in plain and dull colors. I imagine colors that shout aloud, smile, laugh, and colors that are quiet that mourn and cry deeply, sobbing. So much of feelings, so many of colors. I see ties that are muted and restrained, sharp and deep, bitter and grisly.

And I see men changing one tie after another, feeling one feeling after another. I notice each and be swayed to the deeper sensation they represent in life. To the joy and sorrow of humanity. I drift like a current on the vast ocean through all the subtle ambiances of souls. I pass through the bright yellow, the hot red, the lively pink, the compassionate blue, the sophisticated brown. And the grace of black, the innocence of white, the mystery of purple, I pass through all these. The drool of an infant, the steps of a toddler, the strength of the young and the mastery of the old all cycle from the joy of a new life to the agony of a death bed. All pass as my eyes pass through colorful ties.
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