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The sinister carnival of Mr. Bling
Come one and all, hear the dead voices sing
Experience the dark carnival of the mad Mr. Bling.

Hop in to the Impala down through the drive by tunnel.
Watch the blood drip from your body like a funnel.
Your eyes filled with fear from the ratta tat tat
One last shot from my gat to your hat
And I laugh as your brains go splat.

Should you survive we move to the next place.
A little ride I'd like to call the wall of concussive bass
At first you a pleased with the freestyle flow.
As the bass begins to grow, your insides blow
You can't go with guts scattered like fallen snow.

Perhaps overdose alley is more to your liking
Guaranteed to bring your pulse to a spiking.
One taste of my crack, is just what you lack
My sweet snack will cause your heart to attack
And onto to a trip from which you are never coming back.

If you plan to stay for a while
Check out the wicked stage of freestyle
One beat from the hardened street
Leaves you white like a sheet in game you can't cheat
Words rip you apart like razors dropping you in defeat

If you survive the ride and undead spiritual horde.
Don't ever come back lest your life end
on my microphone cord


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