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by K.HBey
Rated: E · Fiction · Mystery · #2230168
Kate plants a new lavender hybrid generation.


Kate is a biologist and has innovated a new lavender hybrid generation. Their germs have been straightened with musk molecules in her laboratory.

“I think the lab door lock is blocked,” she says to Albert.
“Let me open it with my shoe. I use to do so.” Albert replies smiling and launching his leg in a virile seducing gesture.
“I am gifted in opening doors, indeed!” He says when both giggle.
“Albert, I miss John, my fiancé,” she says spontaneously.

“Albert, I have planted the germs close to almond trees,” she says.
“Great! The lavender will yield a mixed perfume,” Albert says.
“However, I am afraid of the high mutation prevalence,” he adds.
Kate launches an anxious glance at her colleague.

John her fiancé says, “Hello! Kate! How are you?”
“John! Where are you?” Kate says with fervor.
“I am here. Can we meet tonight?” John says.
“Kate! My love I missed you,” John says.
“Kate I have brought you these fertilizers for your plants. They are from Guatemala,” he adds looking at her colleague and rival with his reddish eyes and weird smile.

Two months later, Kate checks her garden when she found gigantic lavender.
All her house is surrounded by immense branches and she cannot leave.
Afraid, she runs calling for help by phone.

John does not respond and only Albert is the first to arrive.
When she reaches again John he ignores her.
Albert joins Kate miraculously after struggling with gigantic lavender but he gets a breach when trying to flee to the branches.

The police, firemen, and SAMU arrive to rescue her. However, Albert died poisoned by lavender keeping his love for her forever. Kate never knew but keeps a great memory of a brave colleague.

KHBEY/Lavender/286words/ August 2020

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