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Just then, we heard the sirens of police cars growing louder as they came closer.
The Heist- Chapter Nine

Throughout the next year after Abigaro's death, I kept to myself. I locked myself away from all civilization as I prepared for what was going to happen. No one knew what I was planning to do. There was a familiar sense of hate and evil that arose in me the longer I waited. The rage that fueled my ambitions became hotter and boiled my skin to do one of worst sins that a living soul could do: rob a museum.

I knew that I couldn't be able to pull off such an elaborate heist alone and as much I didn't want to, I approached Jamie with my plan during lunchtime, "You want to what? Are you crazy, child? No, no, no. Not under my protection. Your parents would kill me if anything would happen to you," Jamie argued.

"Too bad they're not here to do that so..." I added," Plus, I'm not asking for permission. I'm gonna do it despite whatever you say." I sat down and ate a slice of bread on the plate next to Jamie.

"No, you are not. That's an order," She instructed.

"I'm twenty years old which is the legal age of an adult so you're not my legal guardian anymore. I only told you this because I won't be able to do it alone," I mentioned.

"You're right. I'm not your legal guardian, to the rest of the world. But according to the International League of Witches and Wizards, I am your legal provider until you're twenty-one. That means I still have a say in what you do," Jamie paused then continued," If I were to agree to your crazy delusions, and should I add I will not, why do you even want to do this?" Jaime questioned.

I went on to tell her the stories that my father told me before he died about the James C. Cauldron books. According to him, each of the five books contained information that would be able to conquer and vanquish the most powerful people such as the former Commander of Evil, Azazel Diablos. I wanted the books so I can figure out a way to defeat the warlock who killed my father and Abigaro. One of the books just so happened to be at the The Morgan Library & Museum in New York. After sharing my plan with Jamie, she looked at me and sighed,"I understand how you feel, Harley, but there's so many things wrong with what you're saying. First of all, robbing a museum just for a book? That's a felony crime and since you say you're an 'adult', you can get hanged. Secondly, revenge isn't the way."

"Who said anything about revenge? No, this has nothing to do about that. I just want to kill him in cold blood and leave him in the grass with a sword through his chest," I sternly responded. A sudden murderous and wicked feeling settled over me. Jamie looked frightened as she stared into my eyes. I looked at her with no remorse and I realized that a familiar blue glimmer was affecting my vision, giving everything a blue tint. This only lasted a couple seconds, though, because when I blinked, it faded away.

"Are you okay?" Jamie desperately asked. She told me that my eye color faded and changed into a really vibrant blue before I blinked and it was brown again. It wasn't very strange to me because it had happened already when I found out about my dad's engagement with Nancy. Jamie stuck to her word that she wouldn't accompany me on my heist no matter what I said. I laughed because I knew she would never let me rob a museum on my own.

I didn't pack much because I knew I would mostly be using magic for almost everything. I was completely clueless about how to rob a museum or any place for that matter. I had never stolen anything before so this was a big choice for me. I decided to get some practice the day I left by stealing one of Jamie's teleportation orbs so I can get to America. It was only a quarter past three in the the morning so she was still asleep. I tiptoed next to the lamp table where the orbs were set in a velvet-plated box. As carefully as I possibly could, I made my way towards the table as my bared toes creeped along the wooden floor. Once again, I accidentally stepped on a loosed tile and it made a severely loud creak.

"For the love God, someone please get rid of these loose wooden tiles!" I thought as I looked down and silently cursed at the floor. I quickly lifted my head to see if Jamie had awoken only to see her standing right in front of me. I sharply inhaled and screamed,"Jesus! How did you-"

"You're gonna get yourself killed," Jamie calmly informed me.

"Mmm. Yes, thank you for the realization but I'm willing to take that risk. I was just about to take it but now that you're awake, I'm gonna need one or two of your orb-thingies," I sarcastically responded. Jamie picked up the the box and placed it into a shoulder bag. She placed the bag around her neck and said,"As much as I don't wanna say it...you're not going anywhere without me." Jamie smiled and I was grateful that she agreed to join me.

We both stepped out into the day when it was almost the break of dawn and made our way near the river. As Jamie prepared her orbs, I gazed around and realized that we were at the exact location of where Abigaro was murdered. I relived the horrible experience on repeat until Jamie finally tapped my shoulder and said it was time to go. I snapped back into reality and jumped into the wormhole along with Jamie.

Soon, we were in New York in front of the The Morgan Library & Museum. The building had already been closed for the past hour and fifteen minutes. As I looked up at enormous institution, my heart began racing and the sweat from my forehead poured into my eyes which burned them but I didn't care. I wished I could have just bought the book instead of having to steal it but the museum wasn't accepting offers. Even if they were accepting offers, I wouldn't be able to purchase it because the book was valued at a whopping forty-two and a half million U.S dollars. I swallowed the fear down my throat and prepared myself to enter the building.

Jamie had brought along special equipment to help me along. She offered me an invisible suit but I refused them. I wanted to put my skills to the test so I planned to use the Invisibilia spell on myself. Since I didn't take the suit, she gave me a black polyester hoodie and leather gloves to wear as protection. I took a deep breath and approached the doors. I whispered a chant that would make me phase through solid objects. I slipped through the walls and the inside of the building made me smile in awe. There were a few lights on but other than that, everything was dark. I knew that there were security officers roaming around so I had to act quickly. I made my way to the map station and located the 'Magical Books' section.

It wasn't difficult to find the book because it was incased in a glass cube on a wooden stand in the middle of the aisle. I remembered a spell named,' Digitus in Estuans' which was latin for 'The Burning Finger'. It was supposed to make a person's index finger hot like lava and wouldn't cause pain to the user. It was mostly used in the mid 20th century to melt door locks or to do scandalous work, like robbery. I was a bit hesitant to do this because it would have been my first time trying this specific spell and I was afraid something might go wrong. As I tried to recite the incantation, I heard whispering and footsteps coming my way. I panicked and quickly hid between two bookshelves that were squished closely together. I held my breath as two officers searched the area. The hoodie, which was just a bit too large for my small head, hanged over my face which covered my eyes and nose so I hoped that the men didn't see me. Suddenly, there was a strong wind that blew into the building. It was strange because there were no open windows or doors in the area. The wind shook the shelves and rattled the books. It passed through crevasses off the walls and blew into my face. The hood tickled my nose and that was when I remembered about my fabric allergy to polyester. I tried to control it and I gave out a really silent sneeze but the building was so quiet that there was a slight echo.

"What was that?" said one officer with an English accent. They both rushed towards my direction and flashed the torch between the two shelves where I was hiding. I slowly lifted my head and looked at the officer with an embarrassed and nervous smile. We both looked at each other with confusion. It was a man who looked around his early twenties. He seemed so familiar and I knew he was thinking the same thing.

"Harley?" he said.

Just then, the other officer with the accent popped his head into view and shouted,"Oi! What the bloody hell do you think you're doing in there?" Like an act of reflex, I teleported myself across the room and hid under a table. I was so frightened that I totally forgot I shouldn't reveal my powers. The two officers were utterly confused and they both were freaking out. The English officer radioed for backup while the other searched the room. When I was sure that there was no one around, I made my move. Using the 'Digitus in Estuans' spell, I carved a square in the glass box with my glowing finger and took out the book. I morphed it into a pill-sized rectangle and placed it into my pocket. I spun around only to bump into the same familiar officer.

"Harley? What in the world are you doing? Are you crazy?" he whispered.

"Ummm, I'm sorry but who are you?" I responded.

"It's me, Henry. Henry Anderson? C'mon, we were best friends in Elementary school. I can't believe it! What the hell are you doing?" the man exclaimed.

"Shhhhh! Shut it! I gotta get out of here, I'm sorry. It was really nice seeing you again. Promise you won't give away my identity? Thank you so much, bye!" I jabbered before I quickly teleported myself to the front door. I reappeared outside in the lawn and Jamie was waiting for me behind a tree.

"What took you so long?" she asked as we both strutted away from building.

"Ran into an old friend," I mentioned. I looked around to make sure no one noticed us walking away from a crime scene.

"You what! I told you to stay-," Jamie argued.

"Shut up! We gotta go, now!" I interrupted. Jamie threw one of her orbs into the sky and a wormhole appeared.

"Where to?" she asked. Just then, we heard the sirens of police cars growing louder as they came closer. Almost three seconds later, there were about a hundred cars surrounding us.

"It doesn't matter. Just go!" I yelled in terror and I shoved Jamie into the hole, jumping behind her. There was a really abnormal bright light at the end of the hole. Once we had exited the vortex and got a good look of our surroundings, I immediately realized that we were in some really big trouble.
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