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Rushing opening the economy in Covid-19 doesn't work and my experiences because of it.

My name is Chris, or Doxx. I've been around this site for a long time and used to actually be a very active writer till life sent me in another direction for a long time but now I'm back. Usually something like this would go in my blog.

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After much thinking on the topic though I have come to the conclusion that this doesn't belong as a blog entry. I feel that it is bettwer off said as a non fictional short story. So I'm going to introduce myself first here. Like I said my name is Doxx or Chris, I'm 41 years old, single father, and even a grandfather. I'm Canadian, and come from the province of Manitoba, which up till very recently I was extremely proud of. My life has been touched my COVID-19 in a few ways. The biggest one is currently I'm taking care of my daughter's friend whose father passed away thanks to the disease. In my household my mother, my youngest daughter, and I am all immune compromised. That is a pretty dangerous situation, it pretty much is like a time bomb waiting to explode, even a tiny cold sometimes ends up so much worse.

When Covid-19 was announced as a pandemic and Our Prime Minister announced shutdowns. Our province locked down fast and tight. We ended up with some of the lowest numbers of cases in Canada. We became an example Canada wide and even worldwide. We shut our provincial borders down tight. Then our Premier, a man child who many here will say resembles Trump named Brian Pallister, decided to open us up much faster than the rest of Canada. I mean sure our numbers were low, we barely had active cases, it all looked pretty great on paper...

On May 4th Phase one began to open. Restaurants allowed offering outdoor dine-in on patio. Non-essential medical services, outdoor recreation facilities, barber shops and hair salons, museums, art galleries, libraries, retail businesses (including shopping malls), and campgrounds were allowed to re-open, subject to social distancing and other guidelines issued by the province. Of course masks were required a lot of places due to these guidelines also. Our numbers declined with 13 cases just in the first 27 days of May. Pretty good right? I thought so, and so did many others. Maybe that is why people got stupid, or they just always were. Before you say I'm belittling people by calling them stupid, look at human nature in most parts of the world lately. We got a lot of that happening and the events even up to today never prove me wrong.

It took less than a month for us to enter phase two and on June 1st the stupidity began to grow. Restaurants and bars allowed offering indoor dine-in service at 50% capacity, and pools and fitness facilities allowed to reopen. Daycare capacity expanded to 24 children. Spas, manicurists and estheticians allowed resuming service. Just to name a few things. We had still a 14-day self-isolation rule when entering the province then so cases remained pretty low. They got even lower and lower. Pallister pushed the phases open faster and faster. Travel loosened. We were at 0 new cases for two weeks. Two weeks not one new case, then the Goo hit the fan...

We have been in phase four for a bit now. Our cases are soaring, we're breaking records daily for cases in province. Today alone 72 new cases were announced. This has happened because of relaxed travel restrictions. It started from a travel cluster, to many travel clusters. The population of Manitoba is only 1.369 Million as of 2019. Our province is huge, but we are spread out all over it. For those who don't know what a province is, think Canada's version of a state. The area of Manitoba is 647,797 km² so around 402522.3942 Miles². Per capita we have the third highest infection rate in Canada.

We have kid's getting with Covid-19 here, we have teens, young adults, and from almost every age group getting sick. Yet our Premier has allowed things like Casino's open in the province. Our government has become hushed on the numbers in some places if they due to clusters or community transmission. Last time we heard for my city was there a case of community transmission a week and half ago and since then we haven't got one single statistic on what is happening. They haven't given even ages the last few days. It's like information has been sent into lock down and all we are getting is what area's of the province the cases are. It feels honestly like we are being left in the dark at times to stop the flow of real information. Community politicians make posts to gaslight their areas into making them feel like everything is okay when you know it's not.

Pallister has done nothing but harm our province in the past but just like Trump he has his loyal following of idiots. Though just like Trump I doubt after this he will see another term. Even before all this happened he screwed us. He started by killing off our emergency rooms. He brought us down to three adult emergency rooms in the city and closed many. He claimed he was doing this to decrease wait times but all he has done is increased them. Instead, getting help means fear to some people now. The closest ER if had not been closed would have been under ten minutes away from me now it is a long expensive trip in a cab. We have a nurse shortage here because there is a hiring freeze. Our nurses actually are recruited to go work in the United States.

Our kids go back to school on September eighth here. Other provinces have increased budgets to hire more teachers to decrease class sizes, but ours won't. The back to school plan sucks for the kids. They finally mandated masks for grade 4 and up for when social distancing can not be observed. Will that be even enforced? What about the other kids who not just here but in countries all across the world now we are seeing can get sick, can spread it and odds are great will spread it?

The numbers here are increasing daily, this is a pandemic, and we do have to live with that fact but the government is sitting here twiddling their thumbs and sitting on their collective asses when it comes down to doing something. Even just maybe mandating masks in public might be a good idea. They do nothing, but it seems now some of the biggest names in businesses here are taking safety into their own hands and mandating masks. A very smart idea in my opinion, but just like everywhere else we also have those who believe this virus is nothing or that it is a hoax. They live with the attitude of they won't get sick, we don't got to wear masks. They claim the normal flu is way more deadly. The claim the virus is not dangerous. They talk of not even getting the vaccine once one is found. Some even claim this just one big government conspiracy.

August 25 Update: Manitoba has the most active cases per capita in Canada, according to data from Health Canada. That has just increased from third place just a couple of days ago. We have a huge surge daily on cases that are getting out of had. Our local government is still gas lighting us on cases as today when I am adding this section in. We are still reviewing now into on the ages of the cases. They stopped telling us if kids are getting sick. Manitoba health will give just a tiny big of info meant to calm the sheep who don't have an education to choose actually keep up with real news. Let me tell you the last three days numbers here, Sunday for such a small population it was 72 but wait, announced Monday morning 24 cases were retroactively added to Sunday's total, bringing that day's case count to 96, plus 49 cases Monday and now Tuesday another 25 cases today, plus 1 death. If you are an American looking at this. It may not be many but to a minimal population this huge.COVID-19 is a serious health threat, and the situation is evolving daily. The risk varies between and within communities, but given the number of cases in Canada, the risk to Canadians is considered high.

Yesterday It seems to be some panic about the case number rise, after local stores and big brand stores here have been making mask mandatory, our government locally finally grew some balls and as of September first will now be requiring masks in all hospitals and clinics. Gee? You think they would have done that all along? This just sickens me. It's time to dial back on phases and protect the citizens not the pocketbooks.

Let me tell you how this virus has effected my life...

When Covid-19 was first announced as a pandemic and my world started to come to a stop it just effected me in small little ways like I had to wait longer for grocery deliveries or medicine deliveries because so many people started using the free service I used. A mild inconvenience. Then things started going to hell, Over a week wait for groceries, new rules got put in place like if you were an adult over eighteen years old no one could come to a hospital to see you, if you went to an ER you had to go alone. I developed a hole in my foot, not to deep but knew it required attention before it got bad. I went to the ER and a set up of home care was set up for me to have it cleaned, and bandaged daily. The first infection set in, and after three doses of non-working antibiotics, it was back to the ER, infection out of control. During this time my home care nurse visits had been cut down from daily to once a week because community spread had begun to appear. My doctor and I were in communication by phone and texting of pictures because of the virus, his office was shut down. So all he had to go on was pictures I sent of the wound. The ER doctor set me up with IV drugs for the first time. They didn't work. Back to the ER again. This time I set up for IV drugs at a local clinic, for over two months daily. I'm currently back on oral antibiotics for my third month and find out next week if the infection still in my bone. Going to a hospital or clinic right now scares me.

During this time a friend of my daughters came to stay with us because her father was out of the country trapped, he contracted Covid-19 and passed away during all of this. I've watched the devastation that ensured with that. How one young persons world was utterly destroyed. My youngest daughter receives Chemotherapy, because of infections and my poor immune system I can not go with her to treatments or doctors appointments because I can't risk this virus. My mother or my oldest daughter that lives with me take her. I can't go sit beside her in the ER when she is sick, dehydrated from side effects. When one of my kids hurts themselves like a broken bone or needs stitches, Most the time I can't be with them because this virus. It makes me feel like the worst father in the world. Then on the news I see or read stories about people not taking this killer disease serious.

This Virus is serious folks. If it hasn't affected your life in some way yet other than a mild inconvenience like having to wear a mask in a store or somewhere you're lucky. We take for granted the world we had before all this, and we need to star realizing that now our world will never ever be the same. There is no conspiracy around it. No one is creating a vaccine to microchip you with, it's not fake, and it's not a hoax. The deaths we are seeing because of it worldwide should be enough to open your damn eyes and wake you the hell up. A;; those people sick out there. The kids who die because of it, the adults, the seniors, everyone who lost their lives.

Wear a mask, practice social distancing, wash your hands and for the love of god when there is a vaccine please get it! It's up to us to save us and others. Before this becomes even worse.

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