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Eclectic playing card game based on life decking utilized by a standard deck of 52 cards.
PlayLifing is a card game for two players, invented by Julius the Jules, that utilises life decking and is played with a standard deck of 52 cards. Players alternate between attacking and blocking, and a shared life deck takes all the damage.

Objective: To be the player who runs the deck (Play Life) out of cards, thus winning the game.


A match is best 2 out of 3.

Deal 4 cards to each player.

Players alternate between attacking and blocking. Players choose a card from their own hand, then plays them face down on the table. Both players' cards are flipped face up at the same time and do battle as either Attacker or Blocker with the winner doing damage to the Play Life until either the Play Life runs out or until all 4 cards have been played from both players' hands. If all 4 cards are played from both players' hands and there are still at least 9 cards left in the Play Life, 4 more cards are dealt to both players until one player wins when the Play Life runs out. A match is won when a player wins 2 games.

A game can end quite quickly, and a game barely lasts longer than 5 minutes.

Attacking and Blocking: Attacking card is placed vertical (portrait or up and down). Blocking card is placed horizontal (landscape or side to side).

If Attacking card is higher than Blocking card: Deal the difference between the Attacking card and the Blocking card as Damage to the Play Life (flip the top cards from the Play Life equal to the difference between both card's face value into the discard pile).

If Blocking card is higher than Attacking card: Deal full damage equal to the face value of the Blocking card to the Play Life (flip the top cards from Play Life equal to the face value of the Blocking card into the discard pile).

Face Values:

A = Damage equals either 1 (if 2-10 is played) or 11 (if J-K is played) to Play Life

2-10 = Damage equals face value to Play Life.

J-K = Damage equals 10 to Play Life.

If two J-K's are played against each other: damage equals 1 to Play Life if one face card is lower or one face card is higher than the other. (J is lowest but equal to another J; Q is the middle but equal to another Q; K is highest but equal to another K).

If a J-K is played against a 10 or a 9: Damage equals 1 to Play Life.

If a J-K is played against an 8 or below: Damage is either calculated or dealt in full depending on the face value and/or the circumstances to Play Life.

If both cards are the same face value: No damage is done to the Play Life and roles switch as normal (Attacker and Blocker).

Not enough damage to end the game: If there are less than 9 cards left in the Play Life or not enough to deal another hand without the Play Life running out, the game ends in a draw and there is another round until someone wins best 2 out of 3, ending the match.

The author waives all intellectual property rights to this game, PlayLifing, and this manuscript for PlayLifing rules, hereby dedicating it to the public domain under the fullest extent of United States and International law, releasing it under a No Rights Reserved license.

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