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we are not going to listen or bow down to Cala's wishes, we will go figure out he was say,
The noble turns and walks away from us. Benger glared at it. The being did not seem interested in him or us. He had been pursuing us. We know this for a fact. We wondered as to why he had done this. We realized that what Benger had brought with him from the coach was what it may have wanted.
Stevie lifted her crossbow and plucked the trigger. The bold,
I decided I would not see who Cala told us to see. Someone needed to find out what the coachman was carrying with him to talk to Vic and Cala.
No one knew what he had been trying to say before he died. The white-skinned being had done the murder. Thinking he had better find the rest of the escort that had been with the coach, someone there could aid him in finding out what was going on.
His party went back to one of his friends' places, which they had gained after his father’s actions. There were three steeds resting there, I vaulted up on the back of my horse. As did the rest of my party.
The road lead to the mountain region where Benger’s people were from. They did not like elves or humans. They tolerated them by allowing them to provide them with foods that our people grew. They allowed us to travel through their region usually without question, there were people who lived in that region whom we had not met. The dwarves had knowledge of these beings, but they had kept their word silent regarding us and them.
The road had remains of combat as we rode down the road. There were bodies of dead soldiers dressed in armor. Bodies decayed, their bodies were boils on them. Puss also blood spilled and poured from these bruises. The bodies dressed in skull caps and hoods of mail sleeves of mail and leggings and breast plates and skirts of armor. Their arms cleaved in two, gashes from which poured black liquid and blood it washed from the wounds. The gashes caused by either axe or sword blade or crushed by war hammers.
There were also dead steeds dressed in barding killed long ago. There were bones that protruded through the hides of these steeds. Tears in their flesh filled with insects, black or white puss and blood flowed. It was as if they were mounted by the bodies we found there. The bodies armored with a lot of weapons on their bodies.
We did not know where the reptilien had come from, but we knew it was from the east. Where the crags were, our people did not go anywhere near them. There were some people who lived here had gone st one time or other.
The route looked vacate of life. Nothing was there, only the trees that were dicidoues and having evergreens there as well. They see a few bodies of the reptilien beings lay on the ground by being shot with arrows and bolts.
It appeared this was where the attack had begun. It was a few days ride from where the coach arrived,There were white bodies of elven people laying there. It did not make sense.
My mother was upset a their behaviour of the humans in the region, so they were not from her Elven community,
This was also not in any way where they would be here. The weapons looked unlike any I had ever seen before. The bodies did not wear any armor; they wore clothing that looked as if they wore it long ago. Cob webs were there on the bodies, there were holes in their apparel.
They died trying to stop the escort from arriving at Shal. Twenty bodies of reptilien soldiers littered the area. From the looks of the escort died valiantly trying to allow the coach to arrive at Shal.
Night was falling, the moon sank in the western sky, a small breeze began to blow. I felt a mite afraid, the dead have rose and attacked people who were on this road. The bodies were from combat long ago or maybe even more recently. These bodies looked as if they had been engaged in battle before hand. I suspected that there was something to worry about.
I don’t think we should be here, Near these bodies,” I warned.
“Do you see them moving about? Are they reaching for their weapons^ Are they^” Benger said as he looked at the bodies laying there. He kicked one of the bodies’ head. The head rolled away from the body.
“Their not alive, there dead bodies. Did that body do anything after he kicked it.” Stevie said to reassure me.
“I suppose, I don’t have to worry do I^” I replied, feeling stupid that I had said anything. Maybe the bodies had been alive or were conjured to be aiive to attack the forces that were here before us. They were dead bodies. Dead is dead!

There were bodies wearing breast plates, skull caps, mail hoods, skirt and sleeves, also bracers. There were areas where their bodies have cut by swords or battle axes or spear,
Crushed by a war hammer. The bodies look very old skin is wrinkled, some have no skin or flesh on their bodies. There were also dead steeds there. There was a clearing there with bushes and a clump of trees on its edge.
Their weapons looked as if they were used recently. The bodies did not look as though they had been alive recently it defied summon sense to think this thought.
Benger looked about seeing nothing happening. He laughed, egging me on. The area looked as it was a place where the dead had fallen. He walked amongst the bodies that lay there. He looked intio my eyes and said, “Nothing had happened. There’s nothing to be worried about!”
As I walked among the dead bodies we noticed that their hands were nearby their weapons. We felt as if we were being watched by the bodies. They were dead so, we ahd no reason to fear them. The moon now was high in the sky, it was a crescent moon, whisps of cloud had began to appear. I felt maybe my friends were right, I had nothing to worry about.
Stevie looked at a body to her right, she thought she saw the fingers of its right hand bega=in to close on the pommel of the sword that lay there, just before its out stretched hand, She wasn’t exactly positive she saw it do this. Stevie charged toward the body lifted her dual handed sword to bring it down on the wrist of the body. The hand fell away from the body. The skin was black with decay. She now was feeling as I was. Fear began to nestle in her body.
She drew her sword, Drove the point of the sword int it’s wrist. The hand fell away from the wrist. She said, “I think we should get a move on!”
“Why would you say this?” Benger asked, he hadn’t seen anything other than the bodies laying there inanimate.
“I have a feeling that, Jack maybe right!” She looked at me,
I hear sounds of chains rustling and moving. I turned towards where the sounds were coming from, one of the soldiers who had been dead had begun to move again. The spider webs were hanging from the holes in the body, and where the armor was. Insects ran out of the mouth of these bodies and other vermine emerged from other orifices in the body. It was nauseating to see.
I grimly smiled, slowly drew out my sword and dagger, I was returning to where we had tied our horses. A body reached out to grab my ankle of my right foot. I felt its icy hand close on it. The chill spread up my leg. I kicked it’s wrist. The being still held it there. With its opposing hand it drew up a mornimg star. I lost my balanec and fell.
The body rose from where it lay. It regained its footing. A worm crawled out of its eye
I fell in unison to its being on its feet. The hand that held my ankle still held it. I did not know what I should do. I knew I was in for a fight.
I struggled, my body’s momentum carried the sword up from where it rested into the air. The blade reached the body of the figure holding my ankle. It caught it in the guts. I should have rolled onto my other side, but this did not happen. The sword sank into its guts. Through the hole I saw a black fluid run and spill form it a;so insects scurried and ran out of the hole I carved into it.
The sword was wedged into the midriff.. A stench vile as could be rose and blossomed from the passage way. IT may have been trapped by the spinal column in the body’s back. The sword could not move I could not shift the sword from where it lay. My dagger had been lost in this manuever. The blade and its edge was black with insects and pus from the body spilled and spread across the blade. I could not see any silver on the blade. They (the insectes) covered in it thier mass.
My stomach hurled and spilled from my mouth. I gagged asmy lungs fought to breath, It came in punishing waves. MY lungs filled. They then emptied. My mouth hung agape. Tears poured from my eyes. I shuddered and trembled as this was happening,
The insects covered the guard and my hand as it held the sword. They scurried and covered my hand, the pommel was growing slick with the fluid that ran from its stomach to cover the balde and also the insects scurried about, against my body. I was immersed in a pool of black insects and decay.
With all my might I struggled to turn, I felt the sword begin to shift. My hand felt as though I was trying to move a ton with it. The blade began to feel lighter in my hand. My prayer was answered, by my god, I was free. The legs and lower portion of it anatomy fell on the ground opposite to its top,
I rolled out of the mound of insects, putride mass and it upper half. I heaved. My lungs struggled fought. I was growing dizzy. SWeat broke to the surface of my skin to run down my face. I wiped my face to be free of the insects and the fluid, My palm was clear of insects.
The scent was so extreme, that I thought I was coughing blood. The insects and the scent filled my nose. The body fell upon me,
“Alive, I tell you,” Stevie said she looked at the body she attacked. Expectantly watched it
with her sword ebing drawn from the body.
Benger laughed until he turned to face me. He could not speak. The air in his lungs had been emptied. He shook with revolution. was saying as this happened, “I think, you are seeing things.”
“I am telling you what I saw?” she declared glaring into Benger’s eyes. She winces, looked at the body, but did not see it move anymore.

There were otehr bodies of men and teh horses laying there. Benger grew afraid as another corpse rose to its feet In its hands was a broadsword and a war hammer as it got to its feet. His mouth hung open. The being lifted its sword to adavnce towards Benger as eh stood there watchiung Stevie, he didn’t hear the being rise rom where it had laid. The swords swing missed by a scant inch from severing his Benger’s head as he had shifted his head from where it had been. The sword’s blade caused him to leap away from where he was. He saw the being standing on it’s diseaed legs. The sword was at Benger’s neck’s height. It stood there, with its arms spread, the hammer was about to swing and catch Benger on the arm.
Benger brought up his own sword to stop the hammer as it came down. It was caught by the sword’s guard. The skeleton began to draw back the sword it was holding there. Benger turned his shoulder to face the figure. He had on his wrist a metal bracer, the sword stopped as it arrived on the bracer. The force forced the arm down. Benger spun and kicked the figure in the breastplate. It was driven back from where it was standing.
The sounds concealed the sounds of the other bodies beginning to move. The horses wore armor that had been wore for protection, their shins were protected and the sides of their bodies had armor on them.
A dead horse rose from where it had been laying. A sword struck my jacket, tearing the sleeve, it missed my arm, but did catche the sleeve of the jacket, I spun aboiut to face the sword wielding being. I brought uo my sword swung at its neck. I got the sword to enter the hole in the hood to catch him in the neck. I had to begin to press with the edge of the sword into his neck. The head came off. The body collapsed onto the ground, The hood still held the head and my sword. I lowered the blade so the hood fell off the sword.
A large spear appeared in the back of one of this soldiers, the spear lifted its body from where it stood. There was sound of something breaking. The body in its armor fell from where it stood. The body collided with another body.
. A bolt of a cross bow caught another in the face, tearing its head from the body, The body sank to the ground as if it had stepped into quicksand.
Several other bodies fell. By means of arrow or crossbow bolt. We looked about trying to find the person or persons responsible for this happening. A figure looked like a reptilein being emerged from the brush holding a heavy crossbow in its hands. ON it waist was a flintlock pistol. The being looked at us as if to say, “What else do you want?”
I dropped my weapons and approached it. It lowered its weapon to point at tghe ground, it lifted its arm another reptile appeared carrying a bow and quiver of arrows on its back, It was not dressed in armor either one of them were. Their form was similar to the ones we had found in the coach.
Steie looked at the two of them she smiled. Put her sword back in its sheath.
“Who are you?” Benger asked.
“We are what remains of Artism unit. Our horses were slain here. By this cursed beings,” the one who used the crossbow said. It had a crank on the crossbow to engage the string.
“And you^” the other asked.
I bowed my head and said, “Jack. We have come from where Artism was supposed to be. He was slain, by a white skinned noble,” I supplied.
“Your names, if you don’t mind.” the archer said.
Stebie than decided someone should speak, “I am Stevie the other is Benger. We found Artism in his coach being attacked by figure Jack described,”
“Autism died in his coach. He did not make it to where he was supposed to have gone. We are coming to see what your people have offered to us. If it is anything at all, we don’t know. Do we?” I said as I stood there looking apprecatively at them both,
The crossbow carrying reptile said, “ I am Mucalu. And the bowsmen is Cedare!”
As we were walking about there, we heard a small sound behind us, We turned toward the sound, a reptile rose out of the dense brush holding a heavy spear as he looked at us. He did not raise the spear to throw at us. He was looking at us as we stood there.
Another emerged from another bush. Holding a heavy crossbow. He pointed his weapon at me. I smiled easily to allow them to feel we are friends. Lifted my hands from my weapons, holding my hands up palms pointed at them. The reptile lowered his weapon, watched curiously us.
“We are friends. Artism did not get to our community alive. They killed him. He was on the road to Shal when he had killed him. They are being controlled by a white-skinned noble. Did you see him?” I asked as I looked at them both.
The being holding teh spear lowers it down on the ground, he rubbed his chin. He said,” I am afraid of what they were trying to do. Autism was to speak to your ruler to have him understand what we wish if we are to aid your people? What we expect from you!”
“Did you see a being with skin as white as bleached flour. Wearing a coat that was dark and grey with dirt, a red vest, and white blouse, black pants. On his hip is a heavy sword. Did you see him?” I asked.
“He was with the archers. He controlled them. The white-skinned beings attacked us as we rode here. There were soldiers dressed in armor attacking the coach, we tried to stop them. We could not do this,” the figure holding the crossbow said as he watched us shift and move about.
“We also saw him. He was with the coach when we found it. He was fighting with Artism, Artemis tried to draw his sword to attack him with. There was a blunderbuss beside his body. There were guards in the coach with him,” Stevie said as she lumbered off of her horse to speak with them.
Benger also dismounted. He rubbed his chin with his gloved hand. The lizard soldiers were armored, heavily armed. How they moved suggested to us that they knew how to fight. Their eyes rested on us as if judging us.
“Why are you here?” the crossbow reptilian asked.
“We were trying to find out if we could track down was here with Artism. We wish to know what he was to tell us. If we can talk to the beings taht are like him. Will you escort us to yoru community?” Benger asked.
“We will take you there?” the bowman said.
“We are going to see what can be done!” Stevie suggested.
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