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Contest Entry
Mark put the candle in his pocket, then he quickly walked to his mom’s sewing room and searched for the right color, ah, there you are, he pulled it out of its cubbyhole and cut off a long piece of ribbon and put it in his pocket. Mark looked at his pocket watch or as his dad used to say, pocket clock. When he saw the time he ran out the door and down the street, it was almost midnight and he didn’t want to be late, because if you were late you forfeit the chance of being picked. Mark always considered himself the chosen one, but everyone always scoffed when he said it. He knew if chosen it would either be the death of him or the possibility of a new life. Of course he thought he was up to the challenge, he had practiced his chant all month and he felt this was his time, he was almost there, he stripped off all his clothes, grabbed the ribbon, tied his candle and pocket watch to the ribbon, then tied the ends of the ribbon together. He slipped it over his head, he had gotten over feeling silly about doing this part, just like he had gotten over standing naked in a circle with twelve other people, he remembers how he almost rejected the offer to join the group, thinking how ridiculous it was, but after hearing the stories and not being able to explain them away, he accepted their offer.
Everyone else was already there, he took his position knowing everyone else was silently saying their chants, he felt his pocket watch slipping from the ribbon, he grabbed for it, when he looked up, everyone else was gone. He yelled “Really, Come on!”
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