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by Zhen
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Nor couscous nor baba ganouj will do.
"Okay", he said. "We have to start dinner preparations for tonight." Thus said, after hearing a terrible joke on the radio about mushroom soup.

“Let me finish my row of knitting,” she said.

“It's always better to end a row before pausing,” he agreed.

He turned the radio off and she continued knitting.

“How about coq au vin tonight?” he asked.

“We're out of wine,” she said. “So no boeuf bourginon either.”

She put down her knitting and walked to her cookbooks.

“Do you like couscous?” she asked.

“Not if you want me to still be your friend,” he said. “How about spiced pork chops with sweet potato mash? That was great the last time you made it.”

“We have no sweet potatoes,” she said. “How about onion and cheese eggplant?”

“I'm sure I'm allergic to eggplant,” he said. “But I could go to the grocery store for sweet potatoes.”

“And I'll thaw a couple of pork chops from the freezer,” she said.

An hour and a half later, dinner was served. She used regular vinegar instead of white wine vinegar in the marinade, and with the mustard it tasted okay. Served with green beans, the colourful dish pleased their guests and they even braved turning on the radio again, sure they could withstand bad food jokes.

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