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by Zhen
Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #2230557
A coming of age story.
Jake favourite form of escape was listening to his favourite podcast: science and engineering. Jake drew cartoons while listening. His cartoons were filled with ideas from the podcast.

Jake hated exercise and sports.

After his podcast was done, Jake sneaked out the back door to bury a time capsule filled with his cartoons. Digging a hole was too much exercise for Jake, and he had to rest many times. This increased his anxiety because he hoped to avoid getting caught.

Finally, the hole was large enough to bury the tin can filled with cartoons in a Ziploc bag.

“I did it!” he said. “Someone in the future is going to know someone here drew cartoons!”

“Why is that important to you?” asked Jake's mother.

“I am!” said Jake. “This will show I was here.”

“You're here now with the people who love you. Why not share your cartoons with us?”

Jake thought about it and decided to be known by his community, instead of being known by some stranger in the future who may or may not dig up the garden. Jake filled in the hole in the garden and carefully replaced the flower bulbs in their spots.

“Being known in the here and now matters. Here are my cartoons, Mom. I hope you like them,” said Jake.

Jake's family and friends liked his cartoons. They encouraged him to send the cartoons to the local newspaper where the editor, in turn, decided to publish them. Jake kept listening to his favourite science and engineering podcast to inspire him to make great cartoons.
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