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Dang thankful I saved a lot to my flash drive. A lesson learned

Still had an account on here as of July 2019; then left Iowa: moved to Colorado; spent some time roaming 'round the Rockious mountains;... then after 7 plus months of living out of an SUV, ended up completely homeless (on the streets for almost 2 weeks) after my vehicle was towed, then got into a shelter where my phone was stolen a couple weeks later,.. and with it all my pass codes :>{ ...... yeah... major bummer. Got diagnosed with having a couple mental disfunctions during my homeless stay in CO, (... I take a deeeep breath) so now trying to recover some online accounts has been a whole new level and category of frustration and headache. ...

Kinda shared the password for my first writing.com account with my mom;: which now won't work:... so I guess I don't get a pass go into my original account. ... ... ... Now say all that it one breath... that's the real test.

And I can't get into my Grammarly (yet) either, a major drag... that hit me hard; nearly two years of writing's. But luckily, I do have a fair handful of stuff which I also saved to my flash drive, that came out of me in the mountains, and time spent in other quiet places when I wasn't feelin' like being at the library.

I really missed the joy's of intellectual connections and collaborations on this site.

And for now I'm orchestrating all this from my new mobile.

Namaste ~ Lily 'Pad' Wilder (alias)
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